Ally and Owen

Proposal Ideas At our house

How We Met

Owen and I met back in 2013, the common ground we had was work. He worked for a telecommunications company and it worked for the opposition (classic Romeo Juliet haha). My old manager became his manager and she said he was single and I should meet him and give it a go and see what happens. I was all shy because I was never great at dating so I was pushing her to just give him my number. I met him a couple of times visiting my manager to check him out and talk a bit to get to know each other. If it wasn’t for her and her matchmaking skills none of this or the life we live now would exist.

Ally's Proposal in At our house

how they asked

Okay! So the glamorous story of our engagement: Owen and I always talked about getting married and engaged and I had a feeling this was the year but I didn’t know when it was going to happen.

It started out in last year where a jeweler here in Australia were having a competition ( Simon Curwood Jewelers) it was to win a voucher for $10,000. Of course, I entered Owen just for the fun of it. He didn’t win the main prize but he won a voucher for $1000 off a ring ( he said I was lucky because the ring cost him enough, he won’t tell me how much it was haha).

Owen said once he received the voucher it kicked his bum into gear because he needed to use it before it expired.

Fast track to 4th February 2018. It was the day before his birthday and we both had the day off. We woke up in the morning and were talking about what to do for the day and what to do for breakfast. We were going to go out but it was too hot so I said for him to go buy some bacon and eggs and bring it back. ( I was heavily pregnant at the time so I didn’t want to go far)

Before he got up we talked about getting married and eloping and joking around and he was saying “oh I don’t even know how to propose I’m not too sure what to do?” I said, “honey you know I would say yes anyway so it doesn’t matter what you do, I still love you .”

He got up ( me thinking he was going to have a shower) he comes back with a black box, I was still disoriented from waking up and he stands at the bedroom doorway and held it open. At first, I had no idea what was going on or what it was he was holding from the distance of the bed. He said, “marry me?” I was so surprised and shocked I said “what? Are you being serious right now? Really?” Haha, poor guy was so emotional and shaking and I heard the trembling in his voice and I’ve never seen him at his most vulnerable ever! Owen said, “of course I’m being serious !” I said “yes!” Still shocked and taking in the moment and reality of what happened.

I even asked him how he got it in without me knowing ( because I always know what’s going on since it was just the two of us at the time, so I was doubly impressed with his ninja skills! He said I waiting until you went to bed and snuck it out of my lunch box and then hid it in the spare room. Owen said he was going to wait until the right time but he was too excited that he finally had the ring and just couldn’t wait!.

Every woman has this dream about how they get engaged, somewhere romantic, sunset, guy drops down on one knee and then the crying happens. Well, that didn’t happen to me at all.

It was more like, woke up, I looked a mess, felt fat from being pregnant, sweaty from being summer and pregnant, I was sitting in our bed while he was standing proposing to me, no tears were shed ( pretty sure it was the pregnancy hormones haha) but it was all pure excitement and adrenaline and I literally would not have had it any other way. Everything was perfect for us in every way and it was our fairy tail in our own way. We called everyone in our family to let them know the excitement! We both can’t wait until the big day, its almost 16 months away but it will go by very fast and It will be even more perfect that our son gets to be in it as well..