Ally and Nathan

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How We Met

Nathan and I met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party. My friend and I dressed up as Victoria’s Secret Angels, just in case some cute guys show up, and in walks Nathan with a group of his friends. He was dressed in a morph suit with the Scottish flag on it so I never actually saw his face until the very end of the party. All I saw was that he was fit, tall and Scottish. We hit it off and started talking and I loved the sound of his voice so I thought he must have a cute face to go along with it (I was right). Our first date was at an Old Chicago where he patiently watched me as my eyes were glued to a TV to watch a Red Sox versus Yankees game. Anyone who would still want to date me after knowing my obsession with baseball is a keeper! Its been almost four years since our first date and I now get to bring Nathan to baseball games with me.

how they asked

The Denver Aquarium is the only place that makes me feel closer to home since I grew up near the ocean. Nathan took me to the aquarium to celebrate our three year anniversary and I was excited to see the sharks. My love for sharks started when I was young and Nathan knew that I loved to sit and watch them swim around. We walked through the aquarium to the end where the shark tank was. We sat for about 30 minutes while I watched them swim around and marvel at their perfection. We were getting ready to go to dinner and we saw a diver on the other side.

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We walked to the other side of the tank to see if they were feeding the sharks and as I round the corner I see diver holding a sign that said, “Ally, Will You Marry Me?” I turned around and Nathan was down on one knee and in front of all of the visitors and sea creatures, he asked me to marry him. With all of the sharks as my witnesses, I said yes. We then went to dinner at the aquarium where both of our families were waiting to celebrate. We are getting married on New Year’s Eve, the same day of the year that we had our first kiss.

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