Ally and Mike

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends while at a pumpkin festival. We dated on and off after that day for a year until we finally realized neither of us could be without each other and made it official. ❤️

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We now have an adorable Frenchie, live in our dream house, and have been on countless trips and adventures together.

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How They Asked

In 2019 we had our big trip of the year planned to go to Thailand during the holidays. We started the trip off in Krabi and the only way to get to our hotel was by boat. So they had a very long dock that floated on the water where the sun set every night. Of course, we needed to get a picture there. The third night in Mike suggested we go get pictures before dinner. I wasn’t ready yet so I just quickly threw something on so we didn’t miss the sunset. To my surprise, Mike had a whole plan!

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We asked the guy working there to take our picture. (He hardly spoke English but was super nice). After a few photos, Mike stepped back and proposed. Now, I knew this day was eventually coming but did NOT think it was happening in Thailand! I was completely surprised and the pictures show. The guy taking our picture captured the whole proposal in still shots! It was the most beautiful sunset with an unbelievable surprise that I get to relive every time I look at the photos.

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