Ally and Max


How We Met

Max and I met in high school when I was a Sophomore and he was a Freshman. It seemed like we were never truly available at the same time, so the stars just never aligned for us, although I definitely remember telling my two best friends, “Max is really cute and I would totally date him”, and he in turn remembers thinking that I was way out of his league!

Then came many years of parties, Free Pie Wednesdays, and late nights in my parents basement with our whole group of friends. One day on a long car trip with a mutual friend, Max came up in conversation, and I mentioned, for the second time, how cute I thought he was and how our timing had just never worked out. A few months later, at a backyard bonfire, this information came out to a few more people. I begged everyone not to tell him because I didn’t want to mess up our friendship, and they all swore not to… so naturally, he knew by the next morning.

It actually took Max weeks to work up the nerve to ask me out. Then, it took what seemed like a million dates before he finally kissed me. In the summer of 2011, we finally got together after about six years of friendship.


This was one of our very first dates to a Love Monkeys show. They’ll be playing at our wedding, which we couldn’t be more thrilled about!


how they asked

By the beginning of 2016, Max and I had been dating almost five years and people were starting to drop all kinds of crazy hints about us getting engaged. There were even a few occasions when I convinced myself 100% he was going to propose! Eventually, I decided to ignore everyone’s teasing and just let it happen when it happened. So, when we planned a camping trip for our five-year anniversary, I didn’t make any assumptions. My friends all said, “you better get your nails done!” and I just laughed and rolled my eyes. Max and I spent one night in Madison out at the bars having the best time ever together. There were seriously so many laughs.

The next day, we went to Devil’s Lake State Park, which is one of the most beautiful spots in Wisconsin. We climbed up on this giant rock bluff and had the most gorgeous view of the lake, and we had someone take our picture.


We spent the rest of the day walking around the lake, having a picnic, and relaxing. When the sun started to go down, Max suggested another climb up the bluffs. We went back to that same rock where the picture was taken and sat watching the sun set over the park and talking. I eventually stood up, thinking that our walk back was going to get dark soon… and turned around to Max down on one knee! The exact words he said are just between us, but that was one of the best moment of my entire life. I felt, and still feel, so lucky to marry that man.

We came down the rocks and looked for someone to take our picture. We found this funny Russian couple and the man pretended to take our picture while asking us a bunch of questions, but he was really taking a video. This is an awesome keepsake for us. I didn’t want to tell my parents over the phone, so we drove straight to their cabin and announced the news at about two in the morning.





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