Ally and Justin

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How we met

We weren’t allowed to just sit in our car in the morning once we parked. We were supposed to go straight inside. One morning we both got in trouble for sitting in our cars. I was doing my makeup and he was eating a biscuit and the assistant principal came and made both of us get out. So once I saw he got in trouble too, I made it a way to make conversation with him. He was really shy in high school too. So after this incident I messaged him on Facebook and said something like, “Wow what a crazy rule.” Or something like that just so I could talk to him. We kept talking and I ended up asking for his number. We started texting and eventually he asked me on a date to the movies. Our first movie we watched was Devil. At the time, I suggested it because I like scary movies and he agreed. It was only after we had been dating for about a month that I found out he doesn’t like scary movies and he only went to see Devil because I wanted to!

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how they asked

It was a Saturday in October and he wanted to go on a walk around our neighborhood’s pond. While we were walking, he wanted to stop and sit on a bench. While sitting down and looking at the ducks swim he pulled out his phone and was like, “Look at this picture!”

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It was a caricature drawing of him down on his knee holding a ring up to me. I started laughing and asked, “Is this for real?” He got down on one knee and proposed and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

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