Ally and Joey

How We Met

Joey and I met during choir in middle school. We spent time together singing, performing in musicals, eating IHOP at 2 am, going to rodeo concerts, and two-stepping on Friday nights. We quickly became close, but I made SURE to remind him we were only best friends. We stood beside each other through it all. Deep down, he had romantic feelings for me but kept quiet for years to guard my heart. We stopped talking for a year after he admits his true feelings and I expressed that I didn’t want to be more than friends. However, we found our way back to each other and began dating January 2018. I quickly realized I was missing out on the biggest blessing for 8 years! Joey is the most selfless, kind, funny, strong, thoughtful man I’ve ever met!

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How They Asked

Things started getting serious 8 months in and I wondered when he was going to pop the question! One day, we decided to peek inside a venue in our hometown and the owner gave us a spur-of-the-moment tour. We knew it was THE ONE and from then on I started daydreaming about our wedding. I checked the website every day and called Joey freaking OUT when I noticed it had been booked for the date we wanted, January 3rd! He reassured me everything would be okay, but secretly I emailed the owner asking if the date was really booked! She replied, saying it was “pending” while the couple worked things out with their church. A month later, on November 4th, Joey said we needed to leave a family function early to go to dinner. I put up a pretty good fight (see a pattern here?) and questioned why we had to go so soon.

We drove around for a bit, and he eventually turned on a back road, pulling into the dream venue we toured a month before. After he talked me into going inside, the owner showed us around again. The first thing I asked was if the venue was really booked. She told me the couple put money down. I felt sad, but I continued the tour. 5 Minutes later, in the middle of the ballroom, my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him at the venue on January 3rd!

I was shocked! I kissed him before he could even put the ring on my finger! There was a hidden photographer and everything! Joey brought my dad to book the venue the DAY after we toured. He hid the ring for over a month!! It was the best surprise and I’m so thankful that my stubborn self finally let him out of the friend zone ;)

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Special Thanks

Alexandra Clough
 | Photographer