Ally and Hayes

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How We Met

They say you won’t meet your husband over drinks. I beg to differ. Well, maybe not our first time meeting. Hayes was a senior at Ole Miss and I was a junior. We had mutual friends who wanted to set us up over drinks. But because I was still kind of hung up on an ex (ugh, if I had known!) and because he was busy talking with friends, all that happened was a polite introduction and we went our separate ways for the rest of the night. About a month later, those same two friends decided to set us up over margaritas. We ended up spending the entire night laughing and attached at the hip, continuing on for the next year and few months! He has become my best friend, my confidant, favorite person to cheer on the Rebels with at an Ole Miss football game, biggest supporter of my blog, supporter of my addiction to binge watching Law and Order: SVU and The Office, and who can make a mean gin and tonic. Who would have thought that all we needed was one more chance for everything to fall into place?

how they asked

As a style blogger, I am constantly taking pictures of my outfits and scheduling shoots with my photographer and close friend, Layne. This particular shoot, I thought, was no different. Layne came over, saw my outfits, and told me where she thinks we should go to shoot. When she recommended campus for one particular outfit, I was hesitant to say the least. A bustier top and stacked heels didn’t quite say, “scholarly” but Layne knows what she is doing, so I went with it.

While she was helping me with my hair, I told her, “Layne, I feel it coming. I really think Hayes is going to propose soon. I mean, I’ve gotten my nails done every week for the last month because I just can feel it!” And her response? “Ehh, you’re overthinking it.” So that shut me down right then and there and we continued on with the day.

After shooting one outfit, we headed toward campus. I kept telling her how hesitant I was about shooting there because I just didn’t think this outfit was right for the setting! If there are any blogger babes out there, you know what I am talking about! You just know when it looks right. And I wasn’t feeling it. But clearly, Layne was. Her photographs never fail so I gave in and went.

“I want you to stand right here,” Layne said to me. So I stood there while Layne tested the light and started taking pictures. That is when I saw Hayes come around the corner and I, of course not connecting the dots, say, “Hayes? What are you doing here?” And with no response from him, I look at Layne who has tears in her eyes but is taking pictures of my reactions. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. IT. IS. HAPPENING! I KNEW IT. Hayes sweetly told me to come over to him but I couldn’t! I just froze right there! He finally came to me and I’m sure he said the sweetest little speech but I don’t remember a single word! I was so shocked! He got down on one knee and pulled at the most stunning ring in the world. Of course, I SAID YES!

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