Ally and Eric

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sunset cliffs, San Diego California

How We Met

On October 24th 2015, I saw Eric from across the room and instantly felt a connection to him when we started talking. I knew I had met my soulmate in that moment. Later that night I was wearing his hat in the bathroom with my friend giggling and talking about how perfect he was, and said I think I’m going to marry that guy. (I didn’t tell him this until way later haha) I then proceeded to accidentally drop his hat in the toilet. We had our first date 3 days later, and I felt so bad about the hat that I bought him a new one, and gave it to him wrapped up in a gift box after our date.

Proposal Ideas Sunset cliffs, San Diego California

how they asked

On October 6th, 2017 we were visiting San Diego, and I had a feeling it was going to happen. I was actually getting so anxious, because we were doing so many cute and romantic things on our trip that I started thinking maybe he’s not going to propose since he had so many opportunities and we were already 3 days in to our vacation. We went to the sunset cliffs that night, and when we found a spot to watch the sunset Eric said here open the wine I’m going to go ask that guy to take a picture of us. I knew in that moment he was about to propose because he knows I can’t open a bottle of wine without an electric wine opener. Haha.. so embarrassing. The guy started taking our “picture” which was actually a video. Eric asked me to marry him above the sunset cliffs with the California sunset and ocean in the background.

He was wearing the same hat while proposing, on the same day we went into the ICU and saved Eric’s life one year prior, just a couple weeks before the day we met 2 years ago. What a perfect story, perfect day and perfect man to spend my life with. I’m so happy #itallstartedwithahat