Ally and Dustin

How We Met

Dustin and I met in middle school. I had a huge crush on him in the 8th grade. Little did I know he had a crush on me too. We talked for a while in middle school and went on a date to Carowinds. While at Carowinds he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was very headstrong and really wanted to do my own thing in highschool. Therefore, I responded with not now. We then drifted apart. Fast forward 4 years later at the end of our senior year in high school, we reconnected! He asked me to be his girlfriend and this time and I happily said YES!

How They Asked

Dustin and I are high school sweethearts. We have been long distance for the majority of our relationship. He goes to NC State University in Raleigh and I go to Appalachian State University in Boone. Dustin is a golf professional and did a 7-month internship at the Oak Point golf course on Kiawah Island. We fell in love with this place. We knew one day this would be the place we called home. We decided we wanted to go, visit our friends and go back to the place we love. The whole week leading up to going to Kiawah my roommate and I laid out outfits, got our nails done just in case it happened. On the way to Charleston, I couldn’t contain my excitement, I asked Dustin, “Are you proposing?” He is a terrible liar and I thought I would at least get a smirk or something. However, he looked me dead in the eyes and said it was not happening because he could not get the ring in time. I completely believed him and texted all my friends and said it wasn’t happening. Little did I know they all knew differently. Once we arrived we had the best weekend doing all of our favorite things. The last day we were in Charleston, we had dinner reservations. We came home after walking around downtown Charleston. I ended up falling asleep and trying to get him to cancel our dinner plans. He was pacing the floors and I reluctantly agreed to get up. ‘

Ally's Proposal in Kiawah Island: Oak Point Golf Course

After I got dressed he looked at me and said are you sure you want to wear that… I decided to change thank goodness I did haha. He then went down to the car and he said he left his golf club at the course when we played the day prior. I said okay we will stop by the course on the way to dinner. We stopped off at Oak Point and I hopped out of the car asking where he thought the golf club could be. He was walking so far ahead of me and I told him there was no way he left it out here. He quickly turned around and said you’re right I didn’t leave my club.

Proposal Ideas Kiawah Island: Oak Point Golf Course

I responded with what no, no, no. He told me that he loved me from the start and he was so lucky to have me. I am a very talkative person and I was speechless! He finally got down on one knee, pulled out a little red box and opened up it. I was still in shock and when he finally asked if I would marry him the only word I could get out was YES! It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and still is today.

Special Thanks

Brittany Clapp
 | Photographer