Ally and Curtis

Wedding Proposal Ideas in His sister’s house!

How We Met

Curt and I both went to the same college and were involved in the same campus ministry. We knew of each other but had never actually talked. I thought he was so cute and had no clue that he thought the same about me;) One night, a group of friends were all hanging out at a friend’s house and had secretly planned to set us up- all behind our backs! When we were about to leave the house, all our friends had mysteriously disappeared, leaving us conveniently on our own. He asked me on a date and the rest is history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in His sister’s house!

How They Asked

Curt had a date night planned for us to have dinner and see Christmas lights. Afterward, we were supposed to go to his sister’s house to celebrate Christmas with his family. They’re big on festivities so I never suspected a thing! Beforehand, he told me to curl my hair and wear something cute, but I just thought he wanted to get some cute photos- little did I know he was about to pop the question!

After our date, he was driving so fast and I was kind of confused but we pulled in and he took me behind the house through a twinkle light path with photos of us throughout our relationship. At the end of the path was a tree with candles, twinkle lights, and hanging jars with lights in them- it was so beautiful! He got down on one knee (on a pillow because he had knee surgery a couple of weeks before haha) and told me he couldn’t imagine life without me. Happy tears streamed down my face as I said yes! Both our families came out with sparklers and then we celebrated inside with a big party!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His sister’s house!

Special Thanks

Stacey Carroscia
 | Photographer