Ally and Chris

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How We Met

8 years ago, I went to a friend’s house for a small get together. I have essentially had the same group of friends for my entire life, so when I saw this tall, good-looking guy that I had never seen before, he caught my attention, and he has had it ever since.
Chris and I dated throughout our senior year of high school.

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We got to experience both of our proms together, saw each other get accepted to our dream schools, and saw each other graduate. College took us to different places, I was in Massachusetts and he was in Pennsylvania. We visited when we could, but it wasn’t always easy. However when we were home, we always found our way to each other, and that’s where we’ve stayed.

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How They Asked

Chris loves golf. As soon as the ground thaws, he’s on the course at least once a week to play. At the beginning of summer, he decided he wanted to get me involved so that he wasn’t always leaving me behind. He bought me clubs, and I’m always looking for an excuse for a new outfit, so I agreed. We went to the driving range a few times and played a couple of ~easy~ courses around town. He then decided I was ready to play at his family’s golf club.

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On a gorgeous late summer night, his parents had to “work”, so that left just Chris and me to play the back 9 at Patterson. Chris seemed to be playing the worst game of his life, but the course was beautiful, and I hit some pretty good shots! We made it to the 18th hole, and as I went to pick up my ball, I turned to find Chris on one knee, holding the most stunning ring, asking me to be his wife!! I of course said YES! Little to my knowledge Chris had a photographer hiding, capturing the moment, as well as his brother videoing. As we walked off the green, our parents came walking over the hill, and it was the perfect end to the greatest moment of my entire life.

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Special Thanks

Pete Stack
 | Photographer