Ally and Daniel

How We Met

It all started with a chance meeting of two strangers in the parking lot of a gym we’d both been members of for years. We’d never spoken, been introduced, or even so much as walked by each other in passing and done the obligatory head nod and a smile. I was leaving the gym as Daniel was getting ready to come in. Daniel saw an opportunity and took it, he walked straight up to me and introduced himself then quickly got to the point, he’d seen me around and wanted to take me on a date. After an exchange of numbers and a few text messages and days later, he did just that. We had our first date at a local brewery then stopped by a second one nearby. Daniel didn’t believe me at first when I told him I loved craft beer, it didn’t take long before he realized I was telling the truth. That first date led to many others and falling in love in the most beautiful way.

How They Asked

Exactly one year from that first date (June 4th, 2018) I was on the couch recovering from an unexpected emergency abdominal surgery a few weeks prior while Daniel was on shift at the fire station..or so I thought. Since Daniel was scheduled to work on our anniversary & I was still pretty weak from surgery, he’d suggested that he make me dinner the following night and once I was more recovered we’d go out for a real celebration which I said worked great.

Proposal Ideas my house

Engagement Proposal Ideas in my house

To my surprise, that afternoon I suddenly heard sirens outside my house and eventually saw the red and blue lights of a fire engine shining through my front door window. I walked outside to find one fire truck parked on my street and another one coming behind it with a sign tied to it saying Will You Marry Me? When the second truck made its way to my driveway, Daniel stepped out and again quickly got to the point…he wanted us to spend our lives together.

Turns out Daniel had taken that day off and we actually were able to spend our anniversary together…as fiances :). I have many pictures and a video of him proposing that his co workers took while all of this was happening. I can’t imagine a better way to get engaged, it was a magical day!

Ally and Daniel's Engagement in my house

Our Video