Ally and Alex

Bride's Proposal in Florida Yacht Club

How we met

Alex and I met as pool lifeguards back in 2012 when he was 17 and I was 16. We remember that hot summer day at the Florida Yacht Club like it was yesterday! Our lifeguard stands were located across the pool from each other and about 30 minutes into the shift, I guess Alex noticed that I had spent more time looking at him than watching the pool. He decided to “get some water,” which happened to be right next to my stand, and then made his way to my stand to say hi and officially introduce himself.

After Alex’s initial introduction, the rest was history. Alex never went back to his own stand and instead, we spent the entirety of that 5-hour shift talking and flirting away. Unlike the shifts prior where we would have been counting down the minutes, neither of us wanted that shift to end. Three weeks later on June 5, 2012 our relationship officially began.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florida Yacht Club

how they asked

Alex came over to my family’s house on Christmas Day with plans to exchange gifts and have lunch. After my house, our plans included going to his family’s house with what I thought were plans to have a nice, formal Christmas dinner. When it was time to leave my house, Alex, being the gentleman he is, opened my door and we began our usual route to his parent’s house until he suddenly took a wrong turn. He told me that one of my last-minute gifts was ready for pick up but that I must wear a blindfold so I didn’t know where it was from before I could unwrap it. After being blindfolded, he continued to drive like it was normal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Florida Yacht Club

Upon our arrival to this unknown location, Alex helped me out of the car and removed the blindfold, but asked that I continued to close my eyes. He then guides me down a winding path, up two sets of stairs, and onto a windy deck. When I was told to open my eyes, I saw the skyline of downtown Jacksonville, FL against the St. Johns river. We were on a balcony at the Florida Yacht Club, the place where we met. Immediately, I began to tear up and my stomach was filled with butterflies because I thought I knew what was about to happen. To my surprise, I was told to sit down and then was handed a GIANT present. If we’re being honest, I was expecting a much smaller box because of the location. Clearly at this point I knew I completely had the wrong idea and was almost embarrassed that I had began to tear up.

Proposal Ideas Florida Yacht Club

Anyways, I unwrapped the present Alex handed me and found that it was a box. With complete confusion, I opened the box to find a letter on top of another wrapped present. He instructed me to read the letter out loud, which was a love letter addressed: “To my high school sweetheart.” Following the letter, I unwrapped the second box, which lead to another love letter addressed: “To my college love.” Once again, I unwrapped the third box to find a third love letter on top addressed: “To the love of my life.” At the end of the third love letter, he wrote, “You can go ahead and open the last box.”

With excitement, I unwrapped the small, fourth box and found a glass heart-shaped ornament with an engraving that said, “Will you marry me?” With tears in my eyes, Alex then stood me up, addressed me by my full name, and proclaimed his love for me.

He then got down on one knee, pulled the most beautiful ring out of his back pocket, and proposed! Alex put together such a creative proposal and knew how special it would be for us to be able to begin our engagement at the same location we fell in love, The Florida Yacht Club.

Special Thanks

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