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how they asked

On Sunday, February 11th we were vacationing in San Diego, California. We went to watch the sunset where hundreds of others gather to watch the sunset every evening. I was casually standing on the cliff looking out into the water with my arms crossed. I heard Nick call my name and reach for my hand. I turned to him confused at first but quickly realized what he was about to do. I nervously laughed and said no please don’t. Then as he got down on one knee I started to ball my eyes out. I’m not sure of all the words he said because I was in complete shock.

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I just know the man of my dreams was asking me to marry him. Cloud nine or over the moon doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel. This vacation has been one ill cherish forever!

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To my FIANCE: Thank you for loving me and asking me to be your life partner. I love you!❤

Special Thanks

Sarah Griffin
 | Photographer
Gary Griffin
 | Planning
Sean Griffin
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring