Allison and Joey

How we met: Joey and I met back in January 2009 through mutual friends and we officially began dating in March 2010. What initially attracted me to Joey was his happy-go-lucky and outgoing personality. We clicked from the very beginning through our love of the same type of music, sports, video games, and our quirky and silly personalities. Joey has been a gentleman to me from the very start: always opening my car door for me and doing everything possible to make me feel like the most special and most loved person in the entire world. Joey has continually supported and encouraged me through all of my goals and aspirations. Joey and I have always been pretty much inseparable; we love spending as much time together as possible and going on vacations and new adventures with each other. After a few months of dating it became clear that we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.


how they asked: I never imagined November 22, 2013 to be anything other than an ordinary day. We had a trip planned to go stay the weekend down at Newport Beach since I had just started my Thanksgiving week break from graduate school and finally had some time to enjoy life away from books and studying. We began heading down to the beach around noon that day and the entire car ride there was filled with listening and singing along to Christmas songs. As we neared the beach, Joey suggested we stop at Balboa Beach and walk along the pier, something that we normally do when we are down that way. It had been pouring the entire morning but as we arrived at Balboa Beach it suddenly stopped raining; it was almost as if Mother Nature knew the surprise plans that Joey had in store and she wanted to let us have our special moment. We began to walk along the pier and about halfway down the pier Joey had us stop at some benches that overlooked the ocean. He told me to sit down and I figured he was going to sit down next to me and that we were just going to enjoy the view for a little so I was stunned to see him go to the bench right next to me and pull an acoustic guitar out of a case that had been sitting on the bench next to us before we had even got to pier. Without saying anything, he came and set next to me and began playing and singing “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, a song that has held so much meaning for the both of us and our relationship.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Balboa Beach, CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Balboa Beach, CA

It was while he was singing to me that I noticed Joey seemed nervous about something. He finished playing the song for me and told me to stay where I was as I watched him walked behind the bench where, to my surprise, some of our friends had been standing and taking pictures of us. I watched as Joey approached one of our friends and grabbed a box from them, a box I immediately recognized as a Sprinkles Cupcake box (I have a huge sweet tooth so I instantly knew it was a cupcake!). As he walked back over to where I was now standing I knew something huge was about to happen. He began to tell me how much he loves me and that he wants us to spend forever together. As he got down on one knee, he started to get emotional and choked up and then, after addressing me by my full name, he asked the words that every girl dreams of hearing, “Will you marry me?”. He opened up the box he was holding and inside was a gorgeous ring sitting on top of my favorite vanilla milk chocolate Sprinkles Cupcake. I immediately began to cry as I said, “Yes!”.

Bride and Groom's Engagement in Balboa Beach, CAWe instantly hugged each other as he spun me around. Unknowing to us, a small crowd had gathered to watch our proposal and at that moment they began to clap and congratulate us. The surprises didn’t stop there! Joey then told me he had planned a romantic dinner for us in Newport to celebrate. He told me later on that he had been planning the proposal for a few months and that he had recruited help from some of our friends to take his guitar to the pier so that it would be waiting there for him to play it and asked them to take pictures of the entire proposal. It was the most romantic and happiest day of my life! I can’t wait to marry and spend forever with my best friend and soulmate.