Allison and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I were set up by my best friends who are married, Amanda and Richard. Brandon met them when he was doing a ride-along as an EMT for Richard’s ambulance company. Immediately after meeting Brandon, Amanda and Richard came to me and told me that they met my future husband. They wanted to set us up but didn’t know how to go about doing that since they had just met Brandon.

Within the next year to follow, Richard had run into Brandon a couple of times; and each time he would say that he was the perfect guy for me. I knew once my best friends told me that they found my future husband that there was something special about this guy. I finally mustered the courage to contact Brandon myself, and we immediately hit it off! He then took me on our first date and we knew instantly that we had found an everlasting love in each other.

how they asked

As I said, we knew right away that we were meant to be! So much so that Brandon bought the ring four months into us dating! I had NO CLUE! Brandon had waited to propose because he had just started PA (Physician Assistant) school. After finishing the first year of his rigorous program, he planned out the most perfect proposal. He had told me that his mom set up a brunch to celebrate him finishing the didactic portion of the school. The brunch was being held at a nice restaurant in Del Mar. Brandon picked me up that morning for “brunch.” We were running early, so he decided that he wanted to stop along the way to check out the surf.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Del Mar, California

As we were walking along a cliff in Del Mar, I noticed a trail of white roses which led to a gorgeous proposal setup. My heart was twirling out of my chest. Brandon looked at me and said, “Are you ready for this?” At that moment, I envisioned all of the beautiful blessings and adventures to come with the man that I have always dreamed about.

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Allison and Brandon's Engagement in Del Mar, California

As Brandon got down on one knee, our closest friends, which included Amanda and Richard, and family ran out of the nearby bushes! It was an absolute dream!

Allison's Proposal in Del Mar, California

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Special Thanks

Ben Dulay
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