Allison and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I both graduated from Baylor University in 2010 but had never met there. It wasn’t until we were both living in Dallas that we were introduced by a mutual friend in 2013. As big football fans, we both met our friend at a bar called Truck Stop to watch the Baylor game.

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At halftime, he ran to his house and I ran across the street to Trader Joe’s. When we came back he introduced me to his dog and I introduced him to Cookie Butter. I can’t remember if we won that game, but Tyler and I hit it off and the rest is history :)

how they asked

It was our two-year anniversary weekend so I assumed we’d do something to celebrate, though we hadn’t really discussed plans. He took the day off of work on Friday (which he said he had to or he would lose vacation days), so I didn’t think much of it when he wanted to go to the Dallas Arboretum that afternoon. He told me to dress “kind of nice” (which meant don’t wear sweats and sneakers, as per usual) but I assumed that meant we were going out for drinks or something afterwards. We already had plans later that night to attend my friend Nicolle’s birthday dinner at 9:00. She texted me weeks before and I promised we’d be there. Because of that, I was expecting a pretty low key evening with Tyler.

We arrived at the Arboretum for their “12 Days of Christmas” exhibit. We walked around and took in the sights — pausing to admire the views of White Rock Lake (our favorite place!). At some points he walked pretty slow, some points pretty quickly. He did seem to be texting quite a bit, and was pretty deliberate to keep me on his right side. I was a little suspicious, particularly when he skipped “11 Pipers Piping” and said we should check out a different area of the Arboretum.

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He led me to a beautiful pavilion with a waterfall and gorgeous vine-covered columns. There was a table for two with roses and a bottle of DeLoach wine (his last name is DeLoach and we visited the winery recently). As we walked up he said “Happy Anniversary!” so I assumed that was the whole surprise and explained why he was acting a bit odd. He asked me to sit down, poured me a glass of wine, and then we made small talk. A minute later he asked me to stand up, and then it all made sense. He had a speech prepared (which I don’t remember a word of), got down on one knee and presented his great grandmother’s beautiful antique ring. It was so perfect!

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I cried. We hugged. We drank our DeLoach wine.

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Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a leg sticking out of the bushes. I realized he hired a photographer, but when he said “oh yeah, Stacy is over there taking pictures” — I lost it. Stacy is my best friend from college and my sorority big sister. I ran across the field at her while ugly crying, which she proceeded to keep snapping pictures of (evidence not submitted). It was so special to have her a part of our big moment! She then posed us all over the Arboretum and took some of the most incredible photos. I love them all!

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After leaving the Arboretum we had celebratory champagne at Times Ten Cellars and then dinner at the Grape. It was then time for us to head to Nicolle’s birthday dinner, and I made the comment that I wish I had brought my phone charger (of course it was dying, I texted everyone I knew!). Tyler suggested we stop at his old roommate’s house which was down the street from the restaurant so we could borrow a charger.

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We walked in, went up the stairs and were blasted with a “SURPRISE!!” Tyler had planned a surprise party with a ton of our friends and family. This was probably the biggest surprise of all! This time, I REALLY lost it. I bawled. I hugged my way through the crowd only to realize how many people were in on the secret. All the people I had excitedly texted had known for over a week. And Nicolle’s birthday dinner? All a rouse. She was one of the first people I saw at the party! She gave up celebrating her birthday that night for our special day.

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Everything was perfect and Tyler did an amazing job. He incorporated our favorite place, our favorite people, and completely surprised me. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family — and now an incredible fiance!

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