Allison and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met in April of 2011. I was invited to a party that I contemplated not going to as I was getting ready- I figured, I’m not doing anything better, why not enjoy a night out! The party was pretty dull and I thought to myself “gee I wish I was home in bed.” But just as that thought left my mind incomes walking a group of guys who are ready to get this party going! One guy in particular caught my eye and before you knew it he was by my side the whole night. Him being 19 and myself only 17 we werent so slick with words just yet. As the night was coming to an end Tyler pretended to loose his phone so I would call it and he could steal my phone number. Our first date was the next night and the rest is history!

how they asked

Every Christmas my family plays the white elephant grab bag game. For those of you who do not know what that is- it’s a game where everyone picks a number 1-whatever amount of people are playing. The first person goes up to the tree and picks a gift. The second person now has the option to steal that gift or pick a new one from under the tree. Tyler orchestrated the game so he could pick first. In the bag he “picked” was a magic marker in a box, than a rose which was handed to me and a bear which our 3 year old son presented that said “Allison Denise Tucker?!?” (Tucker would be my married last name.) I was crying so much I could barely choke out a yes when Tyler got down on one knee with our son holding my hand as I cried. There has been no greater feeling than my closest family watch our engagement. We are beyond blessed and excited for our new journey!

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