Allison and Ty

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How We Met

One of my high school best friends: “Download Tinder, it’s this new app used to meet people.”

Me: downloads Tinder. Swipes right on Ty. He messages me. The first thing I tell him is “I hate people.” We exchange numbers.

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I didn’t even have Tinder on my phone for 24 hours because “this app is dumb.”

203 days later… I’m his girlfriend. Sorry, mom and dad, it wasn’t baseball.

How They Asked

I was supposed to be spending the week at Panama City Beach, FL. The week before, my fiancé got a new full-time job and wouldn’t you know it, he had to go to a week-long training in Ocala, FL. So I surrendered a week at the beach with my family for a week in a hotel room (while he was in class) with my boyfriend at the time. I had googled “Things to do in Ocala, FL” and came across Sholom Park. On Tuesday, Ty got out of class fairly early and decided he wanted us to dress up and go to Sholom Park, we love to adventure. He and his mom had found and set up for a photographer to be there and he told me we were going to have pictures taken while we were there (fellow picture hoarders unite)! He was slow “getting out of the car” aka putting the ring box in his pocket and so I went ahead and started talking to the local photographer who had met us there about the park and area, and etc.

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Then he slowly came walking up, which I did not even notice there was a ring box in his pocket until he was on a knee. We walked around all over the park had some couple photos done which we were posed for and then we went to the prettiest courtyard in the park filled with tall mossy trees and then Ty started posing us for pictures and then got a knee and I obviously said YES! 1,395 days later… I’m his fiancée! I’m such a perfectionist and like to have everything planned out, so when I tell you I was so surprised, I was SO surprised!!!

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We took some engagement pictures and then FaceTimed our family and some of our closest friends, which basically everyone knew about our engagement and what my ring even looked like months before I did! We will never forget Sholom Park and our week in Ocala as we have said “It’s the start to our forever!”

Little did I know, we were coming home to the cutest and sweetest “I Do BBQ” hosted by his mom and step-dad with our families and friends.

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