Allison and Troy

How We Met: Troy and I met in 8th grade through Image 2 of Allison and Troymutual friendsand started our friendship from there. We then ended up attending the same high school and becoming even closer as our two groups of friends became inseparable. Throughout our four years of high school, Troy and I remained close friends but never anything more than that. We attended dances, parties, and sports events together but always with our large group of friends. We both went off after senior year to play sports in college.

Troy attended Saint Mary’s College to play baseball in California and I was off to Utah State University to pursue my dream of playing college soccer. Our friendship remained and our love for sports was contagious between the two of us. After a year of staying in close touch through skype and on the phone, we met over Christmas break for a quick night out in San Francisco. We went to a movie and to Twin Peaks, which overlooks the whole city. Going into that night, I had no intentions of falling in love. This was supposed to just be two friends seeing each other and catching up after going a year without seeing each other.

Image 3 of Allison and Troy

Lets just say, we have been together ever since that night. Going on six years, we have fallen more in love every day and continue the strong friendship that started back over 10 years ago.

how they asked: It was a typical Sunday in Jupiter, Florida. Troy and I were relaxing and enjoying the day off after having friends in town the night before. He had gone out to breakfast and just come back home to hang out and gear up for another week. Around 5 pm, Troy suggested we get up and get ready and go exploring.

This is was not out of the ordinary considering we live in a beautiful town with so many hidden places to see. We love to explore the beaches and find new places to walk around and watch the sunset. We finally got up and out of the house. Troy acted as if he was “just driving” with no specific intention of finding the perfect spot to explore. We ended up at the Jupiter inlet, which is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I was shocked that we just stumbled upon this place; I had no idea Troy had been there many times before to plan today.

We walked around watching people fishing, the sun starting to set, and the crazy waves from the inlet meeting the ocean. We walked down along the water, where Troy had set up a frame with pictures of us in the rocks, which read “Next Adventure?” As we came up to the rocks, I turned to him confused at what this frame was and before I could even ask, he was down on one knee. Troy asked me to marry him.

Image 1 of Allison and Troy

After taking in the shock and excitement, we turned to find our best friend Kyle in the bushes hiding with our camera. He captured the perfect moment when Troy asked. This was the best day of my life.