Allison and Tom


how we met

Tom and I met at college, he was a Junior and I was a sophomore. We were both on athletic teams and met through the similar circles of people that pass through the training room. 7 years later we have grown up together becoming best friends and enduring all of the challenges life throws your way.


how they asked

I had been planning the special day since May when I met her Father for a special lunch in Central Park. That day I asked for his permission to marry Allison and he approved.The months ahead of the special day included a ton of planning with my sister, her Mom and her sisters. We had a cover plan of “wedding shower” for her recently engaged sister and “Christmas pictures” at the Botanical Gardens. I worked with my sister to make sure she would be in the Botanical Gardens with the ring and flowers we picked out.


Allison’s family was purposefully hiding in a Cafe of the Gardens… but Allison just thought they were running late to the Christmas pictures! We met with my sister right away (she had been waiting for 2 hours). She and the photographer had found the perfect spot to ask her. After giving my sister a hug to say hello, she handed off the flowers and the ring box.





I turned around and Allison was in total shock. I told her about meeting with her dad and then told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I got down on one knee, asked her to marry me and she said yes!



We then took more pictures with the photographer and shortly after met up with her family at the cafe. Although there was traffic, weather and rental car issues to contend with, the day couldn’t have been more perfect!


Special Thanks

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