Allison and Todd

How We Met: My sister Josey is two years older than me, and we grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Ultimately I knew everyone in her grade, including one weird boy with super curly hair that my sister once brought her hair straightener to the last day of eighth grade in order to straighten his long kinky curls. At the time this was completely irrelevant to me except for the purpose of simple entertainment.

Life went on and soon I was in eighth grade myself and my sister was a sophomore in high school. One day when I was cheering my sister on at a home volleyball game when I spotted a cute boy in the crowd who was flirting with the freshman volleyball girls. I thought to myself, “Wow, that boy is soooo hot!” Later I tried describing him to my sister so that I could figure out his name, but she was unsure and I assumed it to be some boy one year ahead of me. Eventually, this memory soon faded as I was more interested in goofing off with my girlfriends rather than in a boy crazed stage.

Fast forward to my freshman year of high school, where boys became a hot topic for blooming girls in a pubescent stage learning to flirt and starting to date. It was the beginning of the year and everyone was already talking about the homecoming dance and what dresses we were wearing and what boys we would potentially be arriving with. I myself was swooning a bit over a funny boy a grade ahead of me who used to make me laugh at track practice.

He quickly assumed a code name in order for my girlfriends and I to pass notes about during our silent free period. That’s when out of nowhere I am talking to my sister about homecoming and she mentions a boy who might want to ask me to homecoming. His name is Todd Thompson and somewhere in my brain it resonates with me… Where had I heard of him before??? Oh no! Not that boy with the long curly hair who was going through an awkward punk stage in middle school!? But hey, I’m flattered so I want to know what he looks like now two years later.

Now, I’m shocked! I see him in the hallway and I realize who he is! It’s that cute boy I saw last year at my sister’s volleyball game, and he is as cute as ever! He has porcelain perfect skin, he sweeps his straightened hair over his face in the perfect emo fashion, and his flannel shirts and skinny jeans are so hot! I’m now drooling! Forget that other boy from track practice in middle school, and welcome new emo boy to the world of code name and giggles between young girlfriends! Naturally his nickname is “toddler” which at the time didn’t seem so blatantly obvious.

Jump forward to a few weeks later where, I receive an anonymous text, and guess who it is!? It is Todd Thompson who apparently got my cell phone number from my sister in class! Inevitably, he asks takes me on a few dates and soon asks me to homecoming where I obviously accept with overflowing excitement! We go out to dinner before the dance and hold hands for the first time in the car! He is such a gentleman! We are having a great time dancing with our friends, and then a slow song comes on and he asks me to dance. I’m nervous, but hey we are having a great time so I think it should be fine! That’s when I am shocked as he leans into my ear with his arms wrapped around me in a gentlemen’s fashion, and he asks me, “will you be my girlfriend?” (Here is an embarrassing photo before the event.)


It is from that point on that our young love blossomed and become solidified in our explorations, struggles, and support for each that other carried us through our difficult teenage years up to college. College was a new challenge where we eventually did a short-long distance relationship for two years separated that became too hard to bear and lead to me transferring to Kent State University where we could finally move in together with our dogs and finish our undergraduate degrees together at the same school.

That is when my truest love of my life finally asked me to be his wife one day after I returned from tough day of summer class. It was the best surprise ever which lead to this fun adventure that we are on now that involves planning this awesome wedding that will only happen once and will be cherished forever.

To wrap it all up, our love was a beautiful high school sweetheart fairy tale that has lead us to one of the best times in our lives where we are finally living happily together in our own apartment with our children (dogs) and learning to love each other more everyday through every high and low. Thank you for reading my (very brief) rendition of our love story. I hope you will join us at our ceremony and reception and embrace the love which God has so graciously given us and has lead us to share with our most cherished family and friends.

how they asked: It was Monday July 20th and we had been living in our new apartment in Kent for exactly one week, and I had been in my summer Genetics course for one week.  While I get ready for class and Todd gets ready for work he calls around to inquire about riding a hot air balloon that we always see in the sky over our apartment. It turns out to be ridiculously expensive and I joke with Todd, “Ask if they offer a proposal discount!” Anyways, things go on as usual and we go off to continue our daily routines.

Later that afternoon, I just had my first exam this morning and it didn’t go so well… Todd should be at work so I’m planning on coming home and dwelling on my exam score alone with our doggies. As I’m pulling into our apartment complex I notice Todd’s car is gone so he must have already left for work today. I’m walking sluggishly in disappointment up to the front door while I fumble for my keys (I’m adjusting to being a key holder). When I open the door I see Christmas lights lining the floor starting at the front door and forming a pathway to the living room… I think, “What the he** is going on?” I drop my bags and walk in to see Todd sitting on the couch with balloons set up next to him.

11780045_943036812424145_7009934243385197119_o (1)

Now I’m really confused. I start talking about how badly my exam went, being completely oblivious to how strange the situation was, but Todd isn’t really responding to me… I think, further, “Why isn’t he at work? Whose birthday is it? Did I miss something he said this morning?” I asked Todd why he wasn’t at work and what was going on? Todd said, “Look at Juno.” She runs up to me and I see a cardboard heart dangling from her collar that says, “Will you marry my daddy plz?”


“Wow, what!?” I’m in such shock. He gets up from the couch and walks toward me with a ring box. He gets down on one knee, and opens the box. My jaw drops! The ring is freaking gorgeous!


A minute passes by, and Todd nudges, “Well, what is your answer?” I snap out of my comma like state of admiration, and I say promptly, “Yes! Of course!” We embrace each other in a giant hug, and then I get to take a look around and see all the work he has put into this.

He bought me a dozen white roses, a peace lily plant (which I have been looking all over trying to buy), and has white balloons decorating the room. Him and his friend who does hand drawn typography put together a shadow box for Todd and I to put our promise rings in.


Next, he surprises me with a camera, which he has already set up and we take a couple pictures with our babies on the couch so we can document this day forever.


All in all, it was a beautiful experience and it was just perfect for me! I never liked the idea of a public proposal, or having a strange person or even a good friend photograph the intimate moment. So, here we are now planning our wedding and enjoying this new experience!