Allison and TC

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How We Met

We met on a hot summer day through someone we both worked with at a grand opening event for a restaurant. We were both in relationships at the time but hit it off as friends. We went to each other for advice, we both helped each other out professionally and always had a laugh. Eventually we had both found our way back to single and began spending more time together and before we knew it, we were inseparable.

how they asked

Under the guise of a birthday dinner for my mom, we headed to the French Quarter. We also had friends visiting that weekend so he booked a hotel room “last minute” so that we didn’t have to worry about driving back home. When we arrived, the our room was booked at my favorite hotel in the quarter, the Hotel Monteleone.

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He said it was a matter of convenience being that it was across the street from where we were having dinner. We brought our stuff up and he said someone had offered to give us a tour of the hotel. To some that may have been the giveaway but being history nerds, this wouldn’t have been the first time we took a tour of an old building in New Orleans.

The “guide” led us to an elevator dishing little historical facts along the way and took us to the top floor which is where I thought things would end but she then told us to get into one more elevator, and we went to the top. She unlocked a door leading to the rooftop overlooking the city and their sign and we walked out. Of course, being a photographer, I snapped photos and marveled in actually being allowed into the roof. TC looked at me and said “didn’t you dream about this spot?” And I had… months ago I had dreamt we got married in that very spot, by the big sign and overlooking New Orleans at night- and then he dropped to one knee.

I could try and recall EXACTLY what he said but it’d be half guessing because I’m pretty sure I blacked out in excitement. In tears I hugged and kissed him and he then reminded me while laughing “so you never said if that’s a yes”. Of course, I said yes. Out came the woman I thought was giving us a guided tour with two champagne glasses for us to celebrate.

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I couldn’t believe that he had gotten away with this and surprised me with my own fairy-tale.

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I will never forget that night, it will always be the start of my happy ending.