Allison and Seth

how they asked

Sometimes plans change. Seth had a plan for when and how to propose. He was going to take Allison and their dogs back to the dog park where they first met. The plan changed. Allison’s mom and dad were visiting for Christmas. Seth asked them for their blessing the first day of their week-long stay. Immediately, Allison’s mom started not so subtly hinting that she “wished the proposal would happen while they were there so she could see her baby engaged.” Seth, knowing how important Allison’s parents are to her, changed the plan.

Seth decided to surprise Allison with breakfast in bed and a proposal. This was not a task for the faint of heart as Allison is both a light sleeper and an early riser. Seth fibbed and said he was going to stay up to play video games when really he planned to sleep on the couch. Allison went to bed and Seth did his best impression of the Grinch sneaking the cast iron skillet and other materials he would need in the morning outside. Seth cooked their go-to breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast on the grill. He even made the egg into a heart shape. Breakfast made, he came inside to wake up Allison. As Seth was kneeling down, Allison woke up. He asked, she confirmed “are you serious?” before saying yes. Then Seth asked if she wanted to see the ring which she reached for with her right hand. He gently reminded her he needed her other hand and on went the ring! Seth and Allison will be getting married 12/12/2020.

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Shelly Beck Photography
 | Photography