Allison and Sean

How We Met

Sean has been one of my closest friends for a huge portion of my life. We go way back and I think we had both always wondered “what if” about each other, but our timing never seemed to work out (I now know God was just waiting on the perfect time for us to come together–and boy am I thankful for how it all worked out.) After going through our own separate heartbreaks, we decided to give it a shot and see where it went. Spoiler alert: it was the best decision we ever made.

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How They Asked

We were planning our summer vacation in Colorado. We had visited the year prior as well, and we were so excited to get back. We’ve always considered Colorado to be our special place. We had decided we wanted to go on more hikes this trip, so I had been researching trails that I thought would be easier for us (the change in altitude from Louisiana to Colorado is BRUTAL). That’s when I found Sapphire Point. When I saw pictures, I knew we had to go; plus it was only a few minutes from our hotel. When I showed Sean, he mentioned it would be a great place for us to take some pictures. He said I should pack a nice outfit, but nothing too fancy, and we ordered a tripod with a BlueTooth remote so we could take pictures on our phones. I had hinted that it would be great if we could get professional pictures made, but Sean assured me that our friend who is a photographer who was also visiting Colorado the week before our trip wouldn’t be there the week of our trip (which turned out to be true). So tripod pictures would have to do lol.

When we landed, Sean turned to me and said: “okay, I have a surprise planned.” My heart started fluttering. I had no idea what he was about to say next. “I’m about to drop you off to get your hair and makeup done, and then we are getting professional pictures made at Sapphire Point.” I was SHOCKED. I should say that we have had professional pictures made back home before, with hair and makeup, so at this point, I wasn’t super suspicious. We had looked at rings and I had been looking for “signs” that a proposal was coming leading up to the trip, but had not seen any huge flags so I had convinced myself it wasn’t happening just yet. When we were packing he would ask me to put something in his bag or take something out (so surely there couldn’t be a ring hidden in there..right??). Plus he seemed so calm and laid back about the pictures, I decided there was no way he could be so relaxed just a few hours before proposing. I had even mentioned to him a few days before the trip that I was thinking about getting my nails done and his only response was “why? We are going to be hiking and whitewater rafting all week!” He did a great job of throwing me off. Everyone at home knew and no one spilled the beans!

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So fast forward to time for pictures. His plan was for him to introduce me to our photographer, and she would distract me while he hid the ring box in his pocket, butttttt we got there a little early. Quickly thinking on his feet, Sean says he can’t find his wallet (which is such a common occurrence that last year I bought him a Tile to help him be able to GPS track his I still wasn’t suspicious! Lol). He asked me to check in the glove compartment, which is when grabbed the ring and hid it. If you look closely you can even see the ring box in his back pocket in one of the pictures before the proposal started!

Allison's Proposal in Dillon, Colorado

I met our photographer, Meredith, who I can’t say enough amazing things about. She made the whole experience so special for us. We start our photoshoot session. I now know Sean had been planning all of this for about 6 months, so he and Meredith even had a code word for when the lighting and angle were just right for the proposal to start! We turn our backs towards Meredith to overlook Dillon Lake when Sean starts to tell me how things have come full circle for us after being friends for almost 10 years. At this point, I know what’s happening and instantly start crying happy tears! He then got down on one knee, told me that I was his best friend, lover, and soulmate. He told me that he always knew he would marry me someday. He then showed me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I later found out Sean had already picked out the ring about a month before he took me in to try on rings, so even the jewelry store was in on the surprise! Everything was such a blur for me, and I’m so thankful Meredith was able to capture all of it.

Allison and Sean's Engagement in Dillon, Colorado

We continued our photo shoot, and the Colorado sunset did not disappoint. We even popped mini bottles of champagne on the mountainside! We got to spend the rest of our vacation on cloud nine, telling everyone we met that we had just gotten engaged!

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I’m so thankful the love of my life put so much thought and effort into his proposal to make it a moment we would never forget. He truly worked so hard to make this dream come true. I can’t wait to marry my guy.

Special Thanks

Meredith Austin Photography
 | Photographer