Allison and Scott

Image 1 of Allison and ScottHow We Met: We met in 2010, in school.. We had never spoken until I had a party and he showed up. A few months after we started dating. We clicked from the moment we met, from then on I knew I wanted to spend my life with this man. In 2013, he decided to join the Army. Adjusting to this new life style has been one of the hardest things I’ve done. He moved to Colorado and i stayed in Florida. We’ve managed to make it through almost everything together and all of it has only made us stronger.

how they asked: After not seeing each other for 4 months the time had finally come for me to be with Scott again. I flew into Colorado 2 days after Christmas and my best friend drove down from Nebraska to meet us. The next day was just a normal day although he seemed a tad bit nervous. We went to a nice lunch at a local brewery, then we went sight seeing at garden of the gods. We walked up an enormous rock and I didn’t really understand why we had to go up so high. When we got to the top, my friend pulled her home out and said to smile. So I turned and smiled like asked haha, Scott kept saying babe babe babe so finally I turned and looked, he was down on one knee. I went weak and couldn’t stop laughing, it didn’t seem real. He said a bunch but all I remember hearing was will you marry me. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, crystal blue skies and mountains for miles, I was in awe. I was SO happy he did it while I was in a packers jersey seeing how I am a diehard Green Bay fan and he’s a Detroit lions fan. They were also playing each other that day. It topped my year and I couldn’t be any more excited to start our lives together!

Image 2 of Allison and Scott