Allison and Quinn

Image 1 of Allison and Quinnhow they asked: Quinn and I traveled to Los Angeles for a quick weekend getaway from Scottsdale, AZ. We stayed with his Uncle Daryl who works at a big wig PR firm. Evidently, Quinn had been in cahoots with him all week planning the perfect proposal. We arrived and caught the Laker game on Friday Night, hiked through Griffith park to see the Hollywood sign, and awaited word on whether we’d be the guests of Uncle Daryl’s friends to the ‘members only’ Magic Castle Saturday night. The Magic castle bills itself as, “the most unusual private club in the world.” It’s a magic performance venue and restaurant. Nightly, five different magic performances are showcased in three different theaters. Magicians perform in several different theaters, including the intimate Close-up Gallery where I’d soon find out would be the setting of Quinn’s magical proposal. As guests of our friends, we were introduced to the magician and he set us up on the front row reserved seats. Quickly into the show they asked me to come up to be his ‘assistant’ while he performed his amazing magic tricks. I was blown away to be that close to the show, and marveled at his special talents. He asked me who I was enjoying the show with, and I pointed to my group sitting in the audience. Thereafter he had me stand up for one last trick and asked Quinn if he had a coin. Quinn reached into his pocket and handed him a big shiny silver coin. I was so nervous being center stage that it didn’t cross my mind why he was carrying around a big silver coin.

Image 2 of Allison and Quinn

Quinn handed him the coin and the magician pulled out a black silky handkerchief. Before my very eyes he turned that big shiny coin into a big shiny diamond ring.

Image 5 of Allison and Quinn

Quinn took the ring and proceeded to speak the most endearing words, got on his knee, and asked me to marry him. I was in disbelief, but was able to answer him with a reply of, “of course!” Everyone in the room erupted with applause and well wishes. Quinn made me feel like a princess in a real Magic Castle that night, and continues to make me feel like royalty everyday.

Image 3 of Allison and Quinn

Image 4 of Allison and Quinn