Allison and Phil


How We Met

We met New Year’s Eve 2014 in Baltimore. We went with a group of mutual friends and completely hit it off. We kissed at midnight with fireworks and confetti coming down and the whole deal. It felt like it was oddly out of a movie. The next day I had to drive home early because my family was getting updated family photos taken. He texted me a hilarious family photo that he googled and said “I imagine your photos went something like this.” We were inseperable ever since.

how they asked

We went on the most incredible vacation to Iceland together and on our second day there we visited this massive, gorgeous waterfall called Skogafoss.


We had so much fun on the two hour road trip from Reykjavik to Skogafoss, stopping to take photos and just taking in everything about the breathtaking country.


We get to the waterfall and start walking towards it to try to get a photo without any other people in it. We keep getting closer and closer to the point that we are now getting wet from the mist of the waterfall.



He grabbed my hands, told me how much he loved me, and asked me to be his wife. I think it took me a few seconds to say yes because I honestly kind of blacked out in the moment. It felt like a dream. I kept saying “is this real life.” It was the most perfect, out of body experience.

To top off the best day of my life, we saw the Northern Lights that night in downtown Reykjavik. Seeing the northern nights downtown in the month of August is extremely rare.


I couldn’t help but feel like they were just for us.