Allison and Patrick

How We Met

We met at college my sophomore year and his freshman year. But it wasn’t until a couple months of not talking, did it take us to realize that we needed one another. We started dating April 16th, 2014, and the rest is history. We are inseparable, and there is nothing like dating and getting to marry your best friend!

Image 1 of Allison and Patrick

how they asked

As I stated above, we (my whole family & his) were camping for Halloween at Jellystone Park in Quarryville, PA. This camping trip was planned way back in like July or August, and to my surprise so was “Project Pumpkin.” Project pumpkin is what my Fiancé’s parents called the proposal plan. Patrick and I are still in college, in our junior and senior years. His parents and his sister went and bought smaller sized pumpkins and painted “Happy Halloween!” on them. Without my knowledge obviously. Now another thing that was planned by family, was a picture of everyone who went camping on a Saturday morning before we had breakfast. Everyone got in their golf carts and we drove up to the corn maze for the picture, when I arrived with my “boyfriend” at the time, all my family was there with pumpkins. My mom then informed me that she had “forgotten” her camera. So Patrick and I had to go back to the campground site and get my moms camera for her. When we got back, we had everyone of my family members holding the Happy Halloween! pumpkins. Patrick and I were in charge of getting the camera set up with the self-timer and running and getting into the picture ourselves! By about the 4th attempt at a picture, Patrick tells me to go check to see if the pictures look good. When I get up to look at the camera, everyone of my family members who were holding the pumpkins had then spun them around and it said “Will You Marry Me?” I didn’t notice it at first because I was reading what the pumpkins said on the camera which was “Happy Halloween!” but when I looked up, I noticed! Patrick walked up to me, got down on one knee and then asked! Needless to say, I cried. And there weren’t many dry eyes in my family and his. I was proud of our family working together and not spilling the secret that had been taking place and being planned for 3 or so months!

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