Allison and Noah

Image 8 of Allison and Noah

How We Met

Noah, I met when we were both in high school. We both went our separate ways until our paths crossed again in college. I was going to college about 3 hours away from our hometown and Noah would drive up almost every weekend to come, see me. That’s when I knew I had a pretty special guy.

How They Asked

Noah and I scheduled a couple of photoshoots. Little did I know what he was actually planning. We had chalkboards and our photographer told us to write three things we liked about each other. I wrote “loving, funny, caring” and he wrote, “will you marry me”. I can’t imagine a world without a man like Noah.

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He truly not only loves me but his friends and family. He is extremely funny. I couldn’t even tell you how many times he has me in tears with the jokes and silly dances he always does.

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He is caring. Caring towards me and anyway he comes in contact with. He works with special needs children. It takes someone truly special to be able to do that. And he is that someone truly special. I have always wanted to adopt since I was very young and I wanted a partner that had the same goal.

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Noah is someone who also has that goal. I hope one day we can have children of our own along with adopting a child and make our home their forever home. For now, I will stick to our fur baby. I hope everyone gets to find their Noah in life.

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