Allison and Nic

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How We Met

Nic and I met at the grocery store on January 5th, 2016. He came up to me and the first thing he said to me was, “I think you’re my wife.” I asked, “how do you know?” And he said, “You know, when you know.” In a way I felt like he was joking, but we continued to talk and we exchanged phone numbers. We texted for two weeks before meeting again and going on our first date. I was hesitant on meeting him again because I felt like God wanted me to just focus on him and stop pursuing guys for a while. Nic was very persistent though and had asked me on a date after the first week of talking but I said no. I finally gave in after the second week. We had so much chemistry and I would always tell him we are the same person. Before Nic and I met, I wrote a prayer in my prayer journal asking God that the next person I date I wanted to be my husband. I also wrote out all the characteristics I wanted my husband to have, physical and non-physical. After a few months of dating, I was looking at my prayer journal and remembered the prayer and realized Nic had every characteristic I had written down. I also noticed the date of the prayer… it was the day before God put Nic and I in each other’s lives. I knew God would answer my prayer, but I never thought it would be the next day! It’s been two and half years together and now we are getting married. I guess Nic was right all along in the grocery store, “You know, when you know.”

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how they asked

Nic proposed to me on June 2nd, 2018 and I was completely surprised… and confused. That day I was planning on going to a photoshoot with my friend Thoraya. I had also taken Nic to the airport the day before because he supposedly had meetings for his company up in San Francisco. So when I arrived at the “photoshoot” location with Thoraya and walked into the house I was so confused. There were lights and photos of Nic and I strung on the ceiling down to the end of the hall. The photos were in chronological order starting with the very first picture we ever took together. There were also rose petals all along the floor.

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When I started walking down the hallway I was a little confused because I didn’t know why this was set up because I thought Nic was in San Francisco. I was also wondering where the photographer and the other models were for the photoshoot. When I reached the end of the photos Thoraya told me to sit down and watch the TV. Nic then appeared on the screen and said that he had been asking me to marry him for a while now but I kept giving him the “cold shoulder,” after he said this a slideshow of photos appeared where he had been asking me to marry him by holding up a sign while I was sleeping. He had been taking these photos for the past few months every time he got a chance. The video ended with him saying maybe I would stop giving him the cold shoulder now that it was better timing and that I should follow the rose petals to the backyard.

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When it finally clicked, that I was about to be engaged, it was hard to believe because this was a moment I had been waiting for all my life and I was finally in it. When I saw Nic from afar I wanted to cry because I knew I was looking at my future husband and I saw the extreme efforts he put forth to express his love for me. He was also standing in the middle of rose petals in the shape of a heart. When I finally reached Nic he told me how much he loved me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I almost couldn’t contain my joy, I said yes and took the ring and put in on my finger myself! The ring is the most beautiful thing I own and the center diamond is his Grandmother’s, on the inside the Bible verse Song of Solomon 2:16 is engraved (My beloved is mine, and I am his). It amazes me that Nic put on this entire production with the help of my friends and I didn’t have a single clue. Nic had rented the beach house he proposed to me in for three days so we were able to have all our friends over and celebrate. I felt super blessed and loved that day….I am a lucky girl, and this is only the beginning of our journey.

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