Allison and Mike

How we met: My fiance and I met in August of 1995 but didn’t officially start dating until the following year. Here is one of our notes during our time as a couple, that probably lasted only a few short weeks.Image 1 of Allison and Mike

Sometime throughout those few weeks we managed to sneak in a slow dance at the middle school party..

Image 2 of Allison and Mike

After our brief stint in 7th grade, we remained friends throughout our high school career, attending the same bonfire party of after-prom party, but no more semi-serious dating. During our college career we went our separate ways, Mike moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan attending Northern Michigan University and myself moving to Grand Rapids, MI to attend Kendall College of Art and Design. We both enjoyed our partying ways and dating but would always keep in touch when we were both home in the summers. One summer in particular Mike was home working, roofing his parents home when he called me up to come over to hang out on their boat. After a week of hanging out on the boat, learning to shot gun a beer, and many many laughs, we instantly clicked again and became best friends. Mike had moved off to Colorado and myself to Ohio for a job, but we stayed in touch this time. Calling each other to say we miss one another, or emailing back and forth trying to figure out when we’ll see each other next. Years later, I find myself in Seattle, WA and Mike still in Colorado. Mike had a boys trip heli skiing in Alaska planned and somehow had a couple hours layover in Seattle. I decided to pick him up, whisk him off to the most beautiful park in Seattle and have a wonderful lunch of champagne and sandwiches. We later realized that was our first date. After 2 years of back and forth, long distance, Mike made the leap to move to Washington to be with me and to move forward in our relationship. The second best (next to the proposal) decision he’s ever made….

Image 3 of Allison and Mike

how they asked: Mike and I took a trip to Deception Pass State Park one rainy, cloudy weekend. He picked me up from my brother’s house in the morning and told me to bring my things with me (The night before I stayed with my sister-in-law for a girls night). I was confused why I was bringing my stuff because, we had to come back to get my car anyway, but I was anxious to get on the road and adventure so I grabbed my bag anyway. On the way up I told Mike we should get some snacks for the trip, but he said he already had it all taken care of, sandwiches, drinks, snacks. My slight suspicion of his preparedness arose. Despite the rain we hiked along the water, taking in all the sights and sounds Deception Pass has to offer. It was getting late and we wanted to make it back to the car before dark, since we didn’t bring our headlamps. There was one spot we were looking for to stop at to get one last photo and to take one last breath in of Deception Pass. After we found the spot, there were four other people there, taking it all in as well. Mike was real anxious for them to leave so we could get a photo.. which was odd. When the people finally left, Mike quickly set up the camera (and GoPro, little did I know), to get our self-timed photo. He joined me for a smile, kissed me then said, “you know what would make this photo better” and got down on one knee. It took me about 45 seconds of crying/laughing before I could actually say yes.

After I regained my composure (slightly) he said he had one more surprise for me. He reserved a bed and breakfast just up the road with a jacuzzi, champagne and more snacks! The best day of our life..

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