Allison and Michael

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How We Met

We met about 10 years ago at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waukee, Iowa. We hit it off as friends at first, and began dating in May of 2009. Through the next 6 years, we had many adventures like traveling to Oklahoma for a week long paintball event every year, traveling to Colorado and Montana for a couple of fun road trips, going to the movies for almost every big movie release (one of which was the best movie release ever, more details to come…), going to baseball games, and enjoying as much time together as school and work would permit! We are just a fun loving couple that enjoys anything active!

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how they asked

On December 17th, 2015, Mike came up with an elaborate setup to propose. I have a friend (Jenni) that I assist for photography. She had asked me around the beginning of November if I would want to help her with a proposal shoot, and of course I said yes! It just so turns out that December 17th was the release date for the newest Star Wars movie. Mike offered to drive me to the shoot with Jenni. When we arrived, he got out and introduced himself (little did I know they had already been in contact for a couple of months now). Jenni suggested we use him to set up the area in which we would use for the couple that was coming, so I went along with it. As Jenni was testing camera lighting, using me as the model, she asked Mike to jump in with me. He did, and while he and I were joking with one another, he turns to me and says “Well, I can make it a little more authentic if you want.” I wasn’t sure what to expect until he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box. Of course I started crying tears of joy and said yes!! He had even customized the ring box himself by carving the Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol into the top of it. I think we can both agree on saying that it was the most amazing movie release date ever!!

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Special Thanks

Jenni Machir
 | Photography