Allison and Matthew

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How we met: We were introduced the summer before his Sophomore year in college and my Junior year of college. Two of our mutual friends set us up. He was shy, scared to hold my hand in a movie, and took him over a month to give me my first kiss. These were some of the reasons that I ALMOST gave up on him because I thought he didn’t like me. That summer he took me on a date that I will never forget and is even more special to me now after the proposal.

He picked me up from my house and opened my door to his car, one of my absolute favorite qualities that I love about him, to take me on a surprise date. We started heading to the middle of no where and I had no idea where we were going to arrive. How am I going to eat food if we are out in the boonies? This was the thought that was going through my head. I become a fairly mean person if I don’t have food. He likes to say that I become hangry.

We arrived at Long Run Park in Louisville. He opened my door and lead me to a picnic blanket that had food and wine glasses already set out. As he poured lemonade in my wine glass, I couldn’t help but think that this guy was very special and cared so much about me. I had never had a guy do something so thoughtful for me.

After we were done eating our sandwiches, a hot air balloon began to go off and fly above us. We stayed out on the blanket for a couple hours and I kept hoping that he was going to kiss me. It was starting to get dark and after every word I started to move in closer and closer to him hoping that this would give him the courage to make the first move. Finally, he kissed me! After kissing me, he made the statement that he wished he had done that sooner! This guy was a keeper from that moment.

He asked me to be his girlfriend on August 11, 2010 and I have fallen more and more in love with him ever since! I became his girlfriend the weekend before I headed back to Georgetown College for my Junior year and before he started his first semester there as a Sophomore!

how they asked: I had been waiting for about two years for him to propose and we had discussed marriage multiple times during the year of 2014. I didn’t think he would ever be able to surprise me. We even looked at rings which helped me to know even more that it would be coming at any time.

The night of August 1, 2014 I felt awful but decided to go to my best friend’s going away party. While I was at the party, I told her that I DID NOT want to be proposed to that weekend. I had a headache, felt awful, was on antibiotics, and my dad was out of town.

The morning of August 2, 2014 I still did not feel well but I agreed to go on a date with my fiance due to it being the last weekend before he started his second year of med school at the University of Louisville. He took me to the Parklands, a park in Louisville, and we walked around and talked. He told me that he loved me MANY times but I didn’t think anything of it due to my headache and how awful I felt.

That afternoon, I went to lunch with my mom, aunt, granny, and sister. Then, my sister and mom took me to get my nails done. I was still clueless and honestly didn’t want to go on another date with my fiance that night.

It took me two hours to get ready for my date due to how awful I felt. I kept lying down and I didn’t really understand why my mom and sister kept checking on me. I also failed to realize that my mom and sister were getting ready at the same time I was. My fiance had secretly asked my dad that Tuesday if he could marry me and had rounded up my mom, sister, and best friend to take pictures of the proposal. I love pictures and he knew that I would be very upset if I didn’t have photos from this special moment!!

I finally decided that I would go on the date but I did tell my fiance that I wasn’t feeling well and honestly didn’t want to be out long. He told me later that this made him even more nervous! He picked me up at my house and headed towards Long Run Park. When we arrived he had a picnic blanket already set up, our favorite sushi, and lemonade with wine glasses waiting. There was even a hot air balloon that went off that he tried to take credit for. I was full, content, and laying in his arms almost asleep when I started to cry a little thinking of how special this date had been.

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Telling me he needed to stretch his legs, he got up and I moved a little to see my sister moving down the hill with her phone in hand. I looked like I had seen a ghost! Before I could put the pieces together, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He placed the absolute most gorgeous solitaire ring on my finger!! I began crying and I’m not sure I even uttered out the words yes. However, I did accept the ring which showed him that YES I would love to marry him!!!

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After the adrenaline rush and being in the car headed to tell my granny the news, I started to feel awful and unbearably sick. Our special night ended with me in a wheelchair at the emergency room that we laugh about now!

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