Allison and Matthew

How They Asked

We went into NYC for the day with two friends. We went because I LOVE Christmas and Matt knew I had never seen the tree at Rockefeller Center so he wanted to take me! Matt has the ring in his coat pocket ALL day and I thought it was his wallet, so I kept telling him to put his wallet in his jeans because I didn’t want anyone to steal it, but he kept brushing me off saying it was fine, it was fine. We walked around Bryant Park and then went to The Cauldron (the Harry Potter bar), so it was already the perfect day ever. By the time we got around to heading to the tree, it was about 7. I don’t know HOW he kept this secret all day, to be honest. When we finally got to the tree, our friend (who is a photographer) offered to take our picture in front of the tree.

After the first picture was taken, Matt turned to me and asked me if it was the most perfect day, and I said: “pretty much, It would be better with Trevor here though of course!” (Trevor is our dog so of course, everything is better with him). Matt told me later that I was supposed to just say “yes this is the perfect day”.

He then said “wouldn’t it be more perfect if you were my fiancé?” and pulled out the most gorgeous ring. I had the most shocked and surprised face of all time (as you can see from the photos), and kissed him while crying and said YES! Our friend captured the best pictures ever of the best day ever.

Special Thanks

Amanda Strozeski
 | Photographer