Allison and Mason

Image 1 of Allison and Mason

How We Met

We met through our university’s Admitted Students page on Facebook and spent a week talking about our favorite kinds of fishing. We texted, Skyped, and talked on the phone for a month and a half before we got to meet up in person and had a pizza date in the summer of 2018. Wandering through campus, I had to ask him if he was ever going to kiss me, and then he did! We started school three months later, got to live in the same dorm, and have been attached at the hip ever since.

How They Asked

He took me on a surprise evening trip to Stevens Point and said he had a special date planned but I needed to wear a blindfold. He drove us and then took me on a short walk and told me to count to ten and take off the blindfold. When I did, we were in the place where we had our first kiss, the same spot where he’d given me a promise ring a year and a half before that. I turned around and he was down on one knee, asking me to spend my life with him. I said yes and then we got ice cream and called all our friends!!