Allison and Mark

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How We Met

It was just over a year and a half ago that we met for the first time. One of my friends had some girls that he knew over for dinner. After dinner we all got to talking when Allison asked if one of us guys could give her a ride on one of our motorcycles. I was the first to react out of the three guys with bikes and quickly grabbed her a helmet and we took off. We might have gone a little (or a lot) faster then we should have. We returned home and I thought nothing of it. She was a really cute girl and had an amazing smile. I thought about asking her out until another one of my housemates expressed interest so I stopped pursuing her. After several attempts of going out with her my friend gave up. We still hung out as a group several more times. One day when I was out in the garage working on my bike she stopped by and asked if I wanted to go with her to a baseball game. I ended up already having plans so we decided to hang out afterwards. We talked until late in the night, we went for another motorcycle ride and we went for a really long walk. With her asking me to the game it gave me permission to start pursuing her.

I want to think that the first time I took her on the bike I swept her off her feet on a crazy adventure that would never end.

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how they asked

So the first night that we hung out we connected like life long friends. Allison actually said that I was pretty cocky. It was an amazing night, we talked about Faith, Family and Friends. Allison shared that she really wanted to go on another motorcycle ride. This ride was a lot slower. I drove as slow as possible hoping that the night would never end. Eventually we headed home. Neither of us wanted to separate so I suggested we walk the long way back to her house. An hour and a half later I dropped her off and headed back to my house where I woke my roommate and told him that I found the girl that I was going to marry.

Two weeks after our first time hanging out Allison shared with me that her dad wasn’t a fan of motorcycles and didn’t want his daughter on back. This made my life a lot harder because all I had for transportation was a bike. I obeyed his wish’s and I didn’t take his daughter on the back again.

I knew that I wanted to do something super special for Allison to show her how special she was for me so I set up a creative date for our third official date. Our date started off with me picking up Allison after work and walking with her back to my house. In the driveway I had two mopeds that I had borrowed from a friend that we were going to take out on our date. We headed down to a close by lake where we parked and headed down towards the water. My housemates sail boat was set up and ready to go and we spent the early evening hours sailing around and talking. Allison thought that the date was over as we headed back towards the house. I had talked with her older sister and gotten a pretty dress and shoes for her. I had also borrowed a friend’s pickup truck since she wasn’t allowed on the bike. We headed out on the third part of the date where we headed to a nature preserve where I had dinner waiting on a small dock that overlooked the water. After dinner we got back in the truck and headed out to a field where we talked and star gazed. I knew that after this date I had shown her I was serious. A couple weeks later Allison agreed to be my girlfriend. *The Ironic thing is that the guy that I stole Allison from was my main help in getting all the behind the scene details figured out

Fast forward 6 months. I was in the process of selling my bike in order to get a newer one. A buyer came by and agreed to take the bike the next day. I took it out for one last ride and came back. My housemate (The same one that I stole Allison from) took the bike out. On his way back he hit a pothole and ended up fracturing his wrist as well as his C4 and T7 vertebrae. Allison and I watched the whole thing happen. After this I knew that Allison didn’t want me on a bike and I didn’t want to put that stress and worry on her. Since I grew up on bikes I knew that I couldn’t give up two wheels for good so we decided that it would be ok if I got mopeds for both of us instead. I ended up getting multiple mopeds and we have had multiple double dates with her siblings, parents and aunts and uncles on the mopeds.

Fast forward another 6 months. I knew that we were getting to a stage in our relationship where I wanted to express my desires to spend the rest of my life with Allison. I knew that I had made my planning a lot harder by going crazy on my third date. I also knew that I wanted there to be friends, family and mopeds because these three areas were huge areas of our relationship. The day that I had planned to propose it was rainy and cold most of the day and I was really stressing out. Slowly the weather began to improve and everything was looking perfect for the proposal. I told Allison that I wanted to take her out for a picnic since it was a warm Saturday afternoon. There was nothing uncommon about this. We often took mopeds out on warm afternoons for adventures. I told her I had the picnic packed and she could drive over to my place and we would take mopeds to a park. Allison’s moped was conveniently broke so we both drove on mine. We headed down to reeds lake to a tree that overlooks the water. We often go here and talk about the future. I told her that we should probably head to an open area for our picnic since it was going to start getting dark soonish. When we got to the moped I started sharing how much she meant to me and what an amazing woman she was. As I was finishing up I got down on one knee and pulled out a small black box out of my pocket and I told Allison that from the first night we hung out one on one I knew that I wanted to marry her. I opened the box and I asked Allison if she would spend the rest of her life with me. Thankfully she said yes!

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We headed out of the woods where we were greeted by her entire family showing up on mopeds! We parked in an open area where we had a picnic and celebrated. As we were finishing up the meal the sound of multiple moped horns could be heard and coming over the hill was a group of 10 mopeds with all of our closest friends. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day

** The friend that I stole Allison from is now the best man at our wedding

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Special Thanks

Colin Wade
 | Photographer