Allison and Liam

How We Met

Liam and I first met in our fifth grade class at Queensbury school. I wasn’t too fond of him because I still thought boys had cooties at that age! Haha, but Liam instantly had a crush on me.

how they asked

He asked me to marry him on his birthday, October 8th, 2016! It was HIS birthday, but he made it about me and our love. It was the most magical day of our lives so far at his grandparents lake house on Pilot Knob. It was sprinkling rain while we drank wine and listened to Frank Sinatra under an umbrella. As we sat on top of the boathouse, the lake was calm and life was perfect in that moment. He surprised me and got down on one knee while pictures were being shot secretly from the trees. Our whole immediate family came running out of the house on the hill, shouting with joy! Liam picked out the ring all by himself, totally surprised me and I had NO clue he would be proposing. We had talked all our lives about that special day and he knew exactly how to do it perfectly. Liam planned for our friend to be hiding in the bushes, snapping pictures of us while we were on the boat house. He organized our whole family to be waiting for us back at the house for an engagement party.

Special Thanks

YM Photography
 | Photography
Samanth Sennett MUA
 | Makeup artist