Allison and Levi

How We Met

We met in 2013 at our church. I was new to the church and it was my first week going to Sunday school there. I wasn’t sure exactly where to go, so I waited outside one of the classrooms in the hallway, just waiting for someone to talk to me. Before I knew it, Levi was the only one who stopped and asked who I was and where I was going. I was only 13 and he was 18 at the time, so it wasn’t love at first sight, but I knew there was a little something more there. I just didn’t realize one day the boy standing in front of me in that moment would be my husband someday.

how they asked

My birthday was on October 3rd, and Levi said he was going to take me somewhere special on October 6th. I assumed we were just going to go on a fancy date for my birthday, but boy was I wrong. He picked me up that morning and we started driving. Me, having no sense of direction, didn’t figure out that we were on the way to the beach until almost 2 hours into the trip. Once I figured it out, he told me we were just going to spend the day there for my birthday and leave around 8pm. I absolutely love the beach, so this sounded like the most amazing plan to me. Little did I know it was just going to get better and better. We ate at Jack Mackerals for lunch in Kure Beach, we walked around the Kure Beach Pier and got ice cream (this is something I have done since I was a little girl), we went to the Oak Island light house, and we also walked around Fort Caswell, which is actually the place we first started feeling something for each other. Caswell is a church camp that takes place every summer that our church always goes to. Next, Levi told me one of his friends from work had an oceanfront beach house and he was going to allow us to sit on the porch of it and watch the sunset before we left to go home that night.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oak Island Beach

We walked down the beach and then we found his “friend’s house”. We sat on the porch for maybe 10 minutes and watched the sunset. I was starting to assume he was going to propose by that time because he had taken me to so many of my favorite places and I just knew there was something extra special about this day. I asked him “Is there anything else we’re going to do today before I can post some of our pictures?” I was obviously hinting that he might propose, and he said: “There is one thing… close your eyes”. At that moment, I knew this was it. He led me over to the side of the porch and said: “open your eyes”. When I did, he was on one knee holding up the most beautiful engagement ring. Even though I pretty much figured out this was going to happen, I was still shocked that it was actually happening to ME. He asked I said yes, then he pointed over towards the house and our whole family was standing there!

I had no idea! I was more shocked that our family was there than I was about getting engaged. Turns out, this wasn’t his friend’s beach house, he had rented it for a couple days for us to stay in after the engagement. I can’t even describe the feeling of getting engaged and seeing our whole family standing there. I never actually cried because I was too excited to cry. I never thought I could love Levi any more than I did, but that day made me feel so much love for him and I can’t wait to marry him this coming December!