Allison and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle is the The Branch to my Poppy, the Grinch to my Cindy Lou who, and the Beast to my Belle. We are total opposites but in the most loving and romantic way possible. Kyle is calm and quiet and can sometimes be mistaken for grouchy, (branch, Grinch and beast). I am the loud/hyper, loving and selfless, sometimes crazy ( Poppy, Cindy Lou who and belle) We have always been each other’s opposites, which makes our relationship so complete. Kyle is the absolute best part of me. He thinks I’m crazy dramatic and a Chatty Cathy, but he always says he would never change that about me. He loves it. I love how he calms me down and encourages me to be my best. He Is LITERALLY the best part of me.

how they asked

We spent the day celebrating my parents 20th wedding  anniversary and then we spent the evening going out to eat and celebrating New Year’s eve! We all got super dressed up and had an amazing time. When we got home I noticed Kyle was in a very odd mood and he was being extremely quiet. At one point I tried to take a picture with him he told me no pictures. Which is usually very unlike him! As we were waiting for the ball to drop my parents were giving a speech about the day they met and how they went on their first date. Once the ball dropped we popped our champagne and Kyle disappeared into the back bedroom. He later came out with my dog Charlie a Labradoodle, wearing a rose from Beauty and the beast around his neck. Anyone who knows me knows I love all and every Disney movies. Kyle then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

The ring was inside the rose ornament that was around my dogs neck. It couldn’t have been more perfect and it couldn’t have been more appropriate for me Disney obsession. I’ve always referenced Kyle as the beast and me as Belle. I finally get my happily ever. During our engagement he said that was the quietest he has EVER seen me, in 3 and a half years! I was in total shock. I figured It would happen on Christmas. When it did not I was afraid it wasn’t going to happy until Valentines day.

He also knows how I love to get dressed up! However, he waited until around 11:30 pm on NYE when We got home and changed into comfy clothes. He said “I love you in sweatpants. That’s who you are. My Disney loving,nNetflix watching princess.” Literally so thankful and grateful to have  this man loves me Unconditionally. I thank god every day for Kyle Andrew! Happy to be his future wife and for him to be my husband. We are ready for our happily ever after! I have finally find my Prince Charming #HappilyEverMarquess