Allison and Keith

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Back patio of our apartment

How We Met

Keith and I met at work, a place I always said I would never ever date someone! But, my mind was quickly changed when this handsome southern gentleman walked in on a conversation I was having with my boss saying someone had hit his car at a toll booth and that he had a concussion and had to go home.

Allison and Keith's Engagement in Back patio of our apartment

Luckily, for my short time with this company, I was seated in the cube next to this stranger and he was generous enough to offer his help on multiple occasions, letting me get to know him better.

It didn’t take long for feelings to bud between us even though neither one wanted to be the first to admit it, but everyone around us knew and we were faced with coworkers/friends screaming from the other side of the cube walls “JUST DATE ALREADY!”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Back patio of our apartment

Then one fateful afternoon at a work happy hour, over margaritas, chips & salsa, I receive a text from Keith asking me to sit next to him. This turned into me asking if he wanted to accompany me to pick up a banner I had printed for a friend for a BBQ the next day. After that, we got another drink at a nearby bar where Keith finally took the plunge and told me how he felt. Being the linguist that I am, I blushed, and responded, ever so cooly, “OK, fine….”….and the rest as they say was history.

how they asked

I started off Saturday June 10th waking up next to one of my best girlfriends, in a motel 6, way far out in Virginia! We had driven up the night before and were gearing up that morning to crush our 4th Tough Mudder! We ran the race, drank a celebratory beer, and rejoiced in the mornings accomplishment before heading home. After getting home, I promptly jumped in the shower to rinse off the mud, and then face planted into bed for a 2 hour nap. (Kudos to this girl who knew what was going to happen the WHOLE 24 hours we were together and let NOTHING slip!) Keith and I had plans that night to get dinner at the restaurant we had our first date at and I needed the rest to have energy to drag my sore body out of the house. We dressed up and set out for our date. Dinner was delicious, of course, but we had a little snag with our drinks coming out late and were offered a free round of drinks to make up for it. I was thrilled, but unbeknownst to me Keith was sweating because we were on a time crunch! Keith was also banking on me being tired from the race and wanted to go home directly after dinner, but I surprised him and threw more wrenches into his plan, by suggesting we go to the bar we had gone to after our first date to continue the evening. However, I bought his story of being tired and that we had drinks at home if we wanted to continue so we hopped in an uber and headed home. Once we got to the front door, Keith stopped me and said he had a surprise for me inside. We have been saving up for a trip to Italy in September, so we made the adult decision to not purchase any new patio furniture, but that he had bought some without telling me and while we were at dinner my best friend was inside setting it all up on the deck. I, of course, bought the story. I have been talking about new patio furniture since we moved into our apartment over a year ago and I was excited to check it out! He told me to close my eyes and he lead me outside. I remember the walk from the front door to the patio being eerily quiet, which made no sense as we have a 14 month old yellow lab who jumps on you the minute you walk in the door. I think I even asked, where’s Bella?? Once we got outside, he told me to open my eyes. I looked to my left and there was a crowd of people with cameras! Ever the one with words, the first thing out of my mouth was “What. The. F*&%!!”. Then I looked in front of me and the man of my dreams was down on one knee. I don’t remember what was said and I can barely remember what everything looked like because my vision was clouded with tears, but it was happening! I said yes and he placed the most beautiful sparkly ring on my finger!

It was after that moment I realized he had coordinated with my parents, my brother (who came from NC for this!), my best friend, and bunch of our other friends to transform our patio with lights, plants, and candles. They had all been there since we left for dinner earlier that evening and had all been in on the plan for weeks (my best friend for 7 months!!) The whole thing was beautiful and magical. We then spent the rest of the night celebrating with drinks and appetizers. And of course, our pup was there to celebrate!