Allison and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met in October 2018 on Bumble, had our first date after about a week of talking and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

Since we met in October, we hold spooky season near and dear to our hearts. One of the first movies we watched together was Hocus Pocus, so for our first anniversary, we drove a couple of hours to Salem, MA, and saw the movie’s landmarks, like Max’s house, Allison’s big mansion, where they filmed the Thackery Binx scenes in the village, etc. It’s such a fun town to visit and we love it there. Our second anniversary was during Covid, so this year, we knew we wanted to spend our third anniversary in Salem. Justin took the reigns on planning and said we had a hotel a short drive away so we could properly enjoy the day.

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We got to Salem and walked around before ending up at “the Allison House” as we call it :) There’s a garden you can walk around in on the property, so we went to check it out and under the archway was a little outdoor library you could leave/take books. I noticed there was a note labeled “Allison”, so at first thought, it was a cute little homage someone left for the character of the movie. But then I noticed the handwriting… he took me to a semi-secluded part of the garden and while I read the letter, I saw the line: “Allison, Allison, will you marry me, Allison?” (just like the line in the movie, but switched up a bit!) and he got down on one knee! Such a magical day and we are so over the moon happy. 🎃✨🍁🧡🥂💍

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