Allison and Joshua

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How We Met

We met in physics class our junior year of high school. We did not go to the same middle school so I had NEVER seen him before. I was like “who is this guy he’s cute.?” It just so turned out that our assigned seats were directly across from each other in class, so we talked and got to know each other through class. He was so smart, I am not sure I should have chosen the physics class I did, what a challenge!

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Needless to say he helped me a lot, I didn’t even know how to use a graphing calculator at that point (I think I was the only one in the class, HA). But things got better and I got the hang of it, thanks to Josh! We then started going to lunch various days of the week after school. It became a tradition at least every Wednesday, our other friends would come too. We became best friends, and I think we both knew there were underlying feelings there but never pursued them. I went away to college and lost touch for a bit, but we reconnected by junior year and were dating by senior year of college. He now tells me, “I knew you would be mine one day when I sat down across form you in physics class. We have been inseparable ever since! Included are photos from high school graduation and both of our college graduations.

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how they asked

My grandpa had become very ill and required home health hospice care. I gave away most of my shifts at work so I could spend my days with him and my grandma. On top of that, I had a sinus and double ear infection. Every night I would come home exhausted and immediately put on my pajamas. Every evening that week he tried to get me to go out and look at Christmas lights or do something, but I always refused! One night I came home and we had planned to go to the grocery store. As I pulled up to our apartment, I called him and told him to come downstairs to get the store over with. He told me he had made a pizza and it was ready and that he couldn’t come down yet, I was very upset with him for eating without me!!! He begged me to come upstairs so I finally agreed.

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I walked into a dimly lit apartment, a song that we have a hilarious memory to was playing lightly in the background. There was a candle lit path to the Christmas tree, with pictures along the way.

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On the tree was an ornament, encircled in Christmas lights. The ornament was the year 2016 and the 0 was an engagement ring. The ornament had ours names on it. I immediately freaked out and asked him to come out from where ever he was hiding.

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He did, and he was so sweet and got down on one knee and proposed. I am such a home body, his proposal was better than I can ever have dreamed of. He had set up the go pro and we were even able to get pictures. I was completely surprised, what a dream come true!

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