Allison and John

Proposal Ideas Cold Spring, NY

How We Met

10 years ago we met. We were in college and we became fast friends and hung out all the time. We decided to move in together with another one of our friends and lived together our sophomore year and at the beginning of our junior year, our relationship started to change. We became more than friends. Ever since we have been inseparable. We drove to NYC 2 years later and have lived in our same apartment for the past 6 years and we have adopted a dog. Because we have been together so long, I have thought the proposal had been coming for years.

how they asked

Big events, holidays– anything, I wondered. I am an actor, so I wondered if I would be onstage and he would come out after the show and propose. He’s a professional magician and I wondered at one of his gigs would he propose. SO let’s just say on a Sunday day trip, a proposal was the farthest thing from my mind. We had been away on business from NYC for a month and we decided on one of our first weekends back, we would take a fall foliage tour on the Hudson to see all the leaves change. It was a foggy day, and it was hard to see any of the leaves, but once we got to the little town we were headed to for the day, we saw beautiful trees all around us. We had lunch and walked around, then headed to sit by the water. John pulled out his playing cards and began to appear to do something. He always had his cards in his hand, so I didn’t think anything of it, and then he said he wanted me to watch him do a trick. I selected a card from a shuffled deck and then and then he started doing these beautiful shuffles and I noticed a word started to appear on the side. “Unshuffled.” and on the other side the card I had selected. He should be the cards now were all perfectly in order. He put the cards away and I noticed two cards on the ground. He said flip them over and they said: “look in the box.” He pulled out the same deck of cards and one side said “Will you” & the other side “marry me.” Both in tears, he got on his knee. It was perfect.

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