Allison and Joel

Proposal Ideas Finish line of Half Marathon

How We Met

Joel and I met at Southwest Baptist University. We were both juniors and we met at a mutual friends house at a party one night. It’s a small campus and so I was surprised I didn’t recognize or know who Joel was. I’m a Biology major and Joel is a Business major so I guess our paths never crossed until the night we met. We probably talked for over two hours the night we met.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Finish line of Half Marathon

Where to Propose in Finish line of Half Marathon

how they asked

I (Allison) had zero clue that the proposal was coming on the day of my half marathon. I’d ran the Bass Pro Half Marathon for three years in a row. I was super excited because my whole family was going to be there and so was Joel to cheer me on. Around mile three I saw my family standing on the side of the road, along with a huge group of our friends. I was surprised all of our friends were there but didn’t really think anything of it. At the same mile marker Joel was holding a sign that said “You WILL survive”. At each different mile another sign was added.

The second sign read “YOU got this kid”. Each of our friends was holding a sign. The runners in my pace group caught on before I did and they kept saying to me “Don’t you get it” and I had no idea. It wasn’t until mile eight that all four of the signs were up and Joel was holding the final sign that said “run with ME?” I finally put it all together and figured out that he was proposing. All of the fellow runners out there know that I was going for a PR that race and didn’t stop.

Fast forward to the finish line and there he was at the end and down on one knee. He said the sweetest things and then asked if I wanted to marry him. I obviously said yes. We were interviewed by multiple newspapers and that was a nice touch. We walked out of the race area and were greeted by my parents, sister, and all of our friends. This proposal was better than anything I could have imagined and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Joel!

P.S. In the photo’s I’m wearing the neon pink tank top. Joel is holding the first sign as I run past! I was just thinking to myself “How nice of him to make that cute sign” :) All of our friends who helped out with making the signs. :) Joel is holding the final sign. Around mile eight is where all of the signs were together and I finally figured it out.