Allison and Joe

How We Met

we met online but one year prior we were matched on the same site, i sent him a message and thought whats the worst that could happen! turns out he is very good friends with my best friends boyfriend and we were from neighboring towns growing. i never heard back from him but i figured no love lost right?! a year later, i went back on match to see what was out there and the first person i was matched with was Joe. i chuckled to myself and thought ha, hes still single too. i sent a “wink” thinking history would repeat itself and within the hour, i had a message from him! for three weeks, we did the witty banter back and forth via text because he had just had major Achilles surgery. we finally met for dinner and while i thought him to be the SWEETEST guy ever, there wasn’t necessarily sparks. with a small push from my mother, i continued to text with him, set up dinner dates and just “see where it goes”. a year and a half later, i not only have found the love of my life and my better half, i have found my rock, my support system and my number one fan.

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how they asked

during New York Fashion Week, joe had the week off from school. since i had to work the weekend, he suggested he come in Saturday night for dinner. this is nothing out of the ordinary so i of course said sure lets try something new! i sent him a few ideas and got into the groove of my very hectic day. around 330, he asked how my day was going and what time i thought i would be leaving. i told him the stars have aligned and i think i’ll actually get out normal time! i proceeded to ask if he picked a place for saturday night dinner and at the same time i received an email from him titled “Catch Me if You Can” and inside this riddle…

hi beeb, lets play a game, r u ready?
it’s called catch me if you can
you must stay steady
when the sun sets
and all the drama ends
meet me at two thirty
don’t worry, I won’t be flirty
the view is bright and don’t be late
looking forward to our city date
fashion week is almost over
and you deserve some wine
red or white you ask?
remember, everything will be just fine
your job is to now figure this out
can you find me?
i have no doubt
need another hint?
please tell me no
you’re a smart lady
and my name is joe

receiving a poem from my love is something quite out of the ordinary so immediately i texted him asking what is this?! shortly after reading the email a few times, a small drama occurred at the office and i was briefly distracted. when it was time to leave i hadnt heard from him so i figured i would make my way to the train to head home. i called my mother on my walk as i normally do and proceeded to tell her about the riddle. she politely laughed like she always does and just made it seem like he was making a cute gesture. once i was on the train and we were moving east, i received a second riddle from Joe saying…

only 30 min left
don’t be early, don’t be late
remember, it’s a date

at this point i start texting my best friend and cousin to see if they know whats up. they start to wonder if i should have stayed in the city and i said no our date is tomorrow night he did not tell me to change it. the more and more i read and reread his words i started to panic that i missed the point of him poem and should have stayed in the city. in full freak out mode, i start calling and texting him telling him im on the train home and zero response. by this point my phone is down to 10% and i have no choice but to stay on the train to go home. upon arriving at the station, i bolted the 5 minute walk, up the stairs only to find an empty apartment. HE WAS NOT HOME! i call my mom and as she tries to calm me down she tells me to reread it again. at the same time, my phone finally rings and its him. i answer quickly yelling WHERE ARE YOU and he says WHERE ARE YOU. i say i’m home! and with a small sound of defeat he says really??? did you not read the riddle? i’m in the city!! after back and forth and swearing on everything that he truly was in the city, i grab my charger and run back to the train. with 4% i call my mother to start googling addresses of what 230 could possibly be. at this point he still would not tell me where he was just that he was waiting for me on the roof. at this point i knew something was happening but did not want to get too excited so i started to play at his own game, sending him riddles to get more clues. i finally figured it out that he was at 230 Fifth Rooftop bar. once i got up there i still could not find him but just as i was about to leave, there he was in my favorite sweater with a huge smile on my face. with so much energy inside, i saw him pull a box out of his pocket and get down on one knee. after screaming with joy and calling our parents, we headed to john dory oyster bar to cheers to the start of the rest of our lives.

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