Allison and Jeremy

How We Met

Back in 2012, I was studying to be an American Sign Language Interpreter. I was always told the best way to learn is to go to “Deaf Events” and practice with those that know ASL best. One night a friend of mine that was already an interpreter invited me and my cousin to a “Deaf Night Out” at a bowling alley about an hour and a half from where we lived. I walked in and saw a man signing with a couple of people in one of the bowling lanes and said to my cousin, “He’s cute, I’m gonna go practice with him!”

There was instant chemistry and Jeremy was super patient with my slow signing and asking him to repeat constantly. The night ended with being friends on Facebook and I was hoping for more communication soon. But 2 weeks passed and nothing from him. I decided, that as a progressive woman I didn’t need to wait for him, and sent him a message that he replied to in less than 5 minutes. He later told me he was checking everyday hoping I was going to say something and he was just about to message me….uh huh…suuuure.

The next week was Thanksgiving and Jeremy doesn’t live near any family. I was scared to ask since it would only be our 2nd date but I invited him to join our Thanksgiving dinner. Waiting for his reply to that text felt so long but he agreed!

After that our relationship took off. Since we live about an hour and a half from each other we started by trading off making the drive every other weekend. I never looked forward to the weekend more! Both of us felt how easy and wonderful it was to be together. Where past relationships had been a struggle, he and I were always on the same page and couldn’t get enough of each other. And practicing with him certainly accelerated my proficiency with ASL.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in West Hartford Connecticut Airport

How They Asked

We live in the Bay Area in California but Jeremy is from the East Coast and his family still lives there. In December of 2013, I was flying out to join Jeremy and meet the rest of his family for Christmas. Jeremy knew from our trips before, that I always thought it was so cool to see the driver’s hold up the sign of the names for people with personal cars at the airport, to me it felt like that person is really special. When I arrived at the airport and came down the escalator, I see Jeremy dressed in a nice suit, holding a large red paper with my name on it. I immediately thought that this was such a sweet idea, and he was just being his cute romantic self!

Then as I got closer, he dropped to one knee and turned the sign around to the message, “Will you marry me?” and pulled out the ring of my dreams. Everyone in the airport applauded but all I could see was him! Luckily his mom was hiding in the sidelines to snap a couple of photos of that moment.

His mom took beautiful engagement photos of us that trip in a nearby park and just as we have started shooting, light snow started to fall. This gave us gorgeous photos and a white Christmas!

We were married on June 21, 2014, and just celebrated our 5 year anniversary with our 18-month-old daughter who is also learning her ASL.