Allison and Jay

Where to Propose in Linville Ridge Country Club

How We Met

We officially met at a bar in Charlotte, NC (where we live). I tagged along with my cousin, Alex, who was meeting up with a bunch of high school friends that were visiting. We were all sitting at one of those long surfboard tables – since I didn’t know anyone – I was on the end. Jay came late from work and sat in the remaining empty seat at the table – right across from me. We started making small talk and I started to notice how cute I thought he was. The more we talked, the more we realized how much we had in common. We spent the rest of the night flirting and even went dancing! I thought the evening was going GREAT – until he left without asking for my phone number! A week went by (felt longer) and I received a text from a number I didn’t recognize. IT WAS HIM! He apologized for not asking for my number and that he had texted my cousin for my number. We went on our first date (where he refused to use directions and he added about 30 minutes to our trip) and we have been together ever since. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks into dating that I went back home to Tampa, FL that I realized Jay has been in my life a lot longer than I had realized. My family are the biggest Ohio State Buckeye fans – apparently so was Jay’s family. When I went home – my parents have one of those digital frames and next thing I knew – there was a photo with my Uncle, two cousins AND JAY doing the script OHIO during one of my cousins High School homecoming photos!

how they asked

Let me start off with – I have been a professional wedding planner for 11 years. I cannot imagine how hard he he thought about this proposal to an actual wedding planner who plans these on a daily basis! He knocked it out of the park! His parents have a mountain home in Linville Ridge where we were going the last weekend before the end of the season. We left work early and headed up the mountains with our golden retriever, Charlie. Between the swaying roads and our dog running around the car – I ended up not feeling well and thought we might lay low for the night. When we arrive his parents greeted us and said they were heading to the country club to meet up with friends. I pulled myself together and we started to drive up the mountain to the country club to meet with his parents. Jay was being a little strange about what exact time we left but I never minded it (after all – I didn’t feel well!). There is an overlook we always stop at when we visit that has the most beautiful view of Grandfather Mountain and all of the fall leaves on the trees. Jay told me his mom suggested us get a photo on our way since the next day was raining and foggy. We got out of the car and walked up the side of the green when I saw there was a huge heart made out of red roses.

I immediately realized what was happening and burst into tears. Jay got down on one knee and proposed! Of course – I said YES!!

Allison's Proposal in Linville Ridge Country Club

If that wasn’t already overwhelming – he told me he had another surprise and spun me around to see both of our families (ranging from Florida, Ohio and NC) running up the golf course with champagne. He even hired a photographer!

As we all toasted and took photos – Jay looked at me and said he had one more surprise. We drove up to the Linville Ridge Country Club where he had rented out the entire restaurant just for our family. The club had floating candles and roses everywhere – and of course champagne! It was such a special evening to be with all of our family together and to think he had a 3 page timeline (with an indoor backup) – he truly planned it perfectly. Cheers!

Allison and Jay's Engagement in Linville Ridge Country Club


Special Thanks

Leanna Ferguson
 | Photographer