Allison and Hunter

Image 1 of Allison and HunterHow We Met: Hunter and I went to Pre-Kindergarten together and couldn’t stand to play with each other. Then we went to separate elementary schools and ended up at the same middle school in 5th grade. We didn’t actually speak to one another until 6th grade. I was working as a library assistant and he was checking out a book. When he came to the desk, I asked the usual question, “What’s your number?”, meaning school ID number, he blushed and quickly realized what I really meant. From that moment on, we had a connection. A week later, he was behind me in the knockout game during inter-murals. We chit chatted and I told him a boy I liked called me ugly. He told me that boy was dumb and he thought I was pretty. Of course I giggled and went to tell my friends. A few days later he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then, we have shared a connection like no other. We drifted apart throughout 7th grade and from 8th grade on (10 years ago), we have been inseparable. We were the cheerleader and football player, homecoming king and queen, cutest couple, and weightlifting partners.

We ended up going to separate colleges, which was obviously a rough adjustment. He played college football and I am finishing up my Acrobatics and Tumbling career. Throughout the challenges, we have become so much stronger and share a love like no other. I knew in 8th grade that Hunter was the man I was going to marry. When we were 12, he told me “If we live to be 100, we will be together 88 years.”.

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how they asked: It was a regular Sunday evening spent with the McWhorter family on Snyder Run Road. We all had dinner together and talked for hours. At 8:30, Hunter and I went walking down his driveway to his Grandpa’s house for dessert. He held my hand tightly and we giggled like we usually do. Hunter decided we would cut through the grass and i followed. About five steps in, the trees lit up all around us and I was confused. Then “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran started playing over loud speakers and I thought “oh my goodness is this what I think it is?”. It was absolutely magical. I was in complete awe. Hunter turned and looked at me with a big smile and explained how all of it was for me. He knew how much I loved “Night of A Thousand Candles” and replicated it for me. All I could say was “Oh my gosh, is this real?!”. He went on to tell me how he loved me with all of his heart and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He proceeded to get down on one knee and ask, “Will You Marry Me?”. Of course I said “YES!!!”. With tears rolling down my face, I was kissing and hugging him with excitement, then I looked down at my hand and said “Oh my gosh it’s so pretty!!! It sparkles in the dark!”. We turned around the see my little sister hidden taking pictures and he explained that both of our families were hidden watching the whole thing. It was so amazing. It was better than anything I had ever dreamed of. The best part of it all is that I have a fiance (it’s so awesome saying that) that is just as perfectly wonderful as the engagement.

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Photographer: Natalie Rogers // Set up: Tyler McWhorter // Distracter: Barb McWhorter