Allison and Harrison

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How We Met

We actually met during our first job. We both had started working for a local Kroger. We bonded over how much we hated the job.

how they asked

My fiancé has always been a romantic at heart; however really terrible at surprises. When we were younger, we attended a church retreat at Wesley Gardens and that’s where I first told him that I loved him. Fast forward 4 years, he took me to this exact spot. He had lights and flowers strung along the dock. He washed my feet as a parallel to Jesus washing the disciples feet-showing his servants heart for me and for our marriage.

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Our family friend, Lisa, was hiding in the bushes and captured everything. I have never been more surprised or at a loss for words. He is amazing and I cannot wait to marry my handsome and sweet man.

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Special Thanks

Lisa Davis
 | Photographer